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The changes in the Facebook news feed are not a condemnation for the editors: Adam Mosseri

The latest change in Facebook algorithm may not be as bad for publishers and companies as everyone thinks.

"So, if you and I had a round-trip conversation in a one-page publication, that would really count as a significant social element. interaction, "said Mosseri." So it's more about the interactions between people and less about the content consumption of friends. "

The conclusion for the editors: The world does not necessarily end, your publications that do not get any significant commitment will not appear prominently in the News Feed, but the publications that people actually comment and share could be further favored.

Mosseri says that Facebook changed its algorithm not to fight against "false news", but because the company noticed more page posts and videos It was necessary to make sure that this flow of content did not stifle the social interactions on which Facebook was built, so the company will favor the material that is shared and commented on.

Owners of Facebook pages they published especially more content because they received financial benefits when people clicked on their content. [19659003] The video has also shot on the platform, especially in India. Carrier wars caused a drop in the price of data, so the time spent watching videos grew much faster than the overall time on Facebook, Mosseri said.

"Video by nature is very passive," Mosseri said. "Therefore, while watching a video on Facebook, he does not usually comment much, much, or talk a lot with his friends, nor read articles on that subject."

Facebook acknowledged that the adjustments can reduce commitment time in the platform in the short term. The video playback time is also decreasing, which is driving the reduction of the time spent on the Facebook platform. Mosseri added.

However, the company believes that the NewsFeed change will allow people to have more valuable and relevant conversations on the platform that will improve "well-being," Mosseri said. A shorter video playback time will also free users to read more stories and comments.

"We hope that the time dedicated to Facebook, although in general it will decrease, is time well spent or time better spent," said Mosseri. .

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