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The change in Destiny's publishing rights will demonstrate whether AAA publishers are responsible for bad business practices

Bungie shook the world of games this week by announcing that his nine-year partnership with Activision had come to an end and that publishing rights would be transferred back to the developer. That will allow the Seattle-based study to publish sequels or expansions on its own, without any external interference. While this transition is certainly "in its early stages", this change could have important implications for Destination 2The future and if Activision was really behind the darkest sides of Destination.

The online reaction to this news has been largely festive. After all, Activision is not exactly known for having a well-loved base of games. It shares a negative stigma with other mega editors for its insistence on microtransactions and other commercial practices against the consumer. Whether true or not, whenever a game is launched with financial manipulation systems, the editor is often blamed for the infringement rather than the title developer. With Bungie recovering publication rights, now all the praise and criticism will go directly to a place and there will be no way to change it.

This decision to finalize its publication agreement with Activision comes at an interesting time, as Activision Blizzard's latest earnings call revealed that it was going to push for more microtransactions in its existing franchises. The president and COO of Activision Publishing, Coddy Johnson, also noted that the first-person shooter had not met sales and commitment expectations, and that the publisher needed to "improve the pace of innovation and the cadence of content. game". Of course, Activision Blizzard is no stranger to this type of game content, as its own Overwatch He has become the poster boy for loot boxes

However, fans no longer have to worry about a dominant Activision that forces Bungie to include content, such as microtransactions or loot boxes, against his will. This means that Bungie has the opportunity to change some of the practices that have been ridiculed by his fan base. However, it will also serve as a litmus test to determine if publishers are the only ones pushing for greedy business practices within the games we love. Now that Bungie receives all the spoils of Destination 2 Will you move away from the game in the game or will the study yield to temptation and double?

The current role of Destination 2 microtransactions

Rights of publication of the destination.

It is worth seeing how microtransactions currently plague the Destination ecosystem. Currently, the game currency that is purchased with real money is called Silver. Packages range from $ 5 (which gives you 500 Silver) to $ 50 (which comes with 5,000 Silver plus an 800 bonus). That's pretty broad, and players could easily buy another game (or several independent titles) with that money.

When microtransactions were originally introduced in Destination, they were only used to buy emotes that were usually based on popular dances. Although the introduction of paid emotes was not particularly a movement that many celebrated, it did not receive a great disdain, since it was only a cosmetic purchase that could be ignored. In the current game, emotes are purchased using Bright Dust, which is another currency that is obtained mainly by opening Bright Engrams (although they can also be obtained by removing certain items).

Bright Engrams is the reason why people buy silver in Destination 2 and they were the first microtransactions that really impacted the game. These squares differ from the normal Engrams that are obtained in the game, since they contain multiple elements of booty that go from exotic weapons to armor and rare shaders. Therefore, if you do not really want to win these items in the game, you can bet on getting them through purchases. Bright Engrams can be purchased for 200 Silver each or with discount rates when purchased wholesale (three for 500 Silver and five for 800 Silver).

The latest microtransaction added to the game comes in the form of Temporal Surge, which is a temporary showcase that allows players to buy seasonal content "retired" with Silver. The first sale of this type focused on emotes, which ranged from 200 Silver to 1,000 Silver. So, if the players wanted an exotic emote they lost, they had to shell out the equivalent of $ 10.

Will something really change?

Rights of publication of the destination.

With multiple forms of currency and a confusing system of loot box that does not guarantee that players get what they want, it is difficult to defend Destination 2Current form of microtransactions. It would make a lot of sense for Bungie to at least alter the way they are handled, but it remains to be seen if the developer will do such an action. Of course, there is likely to be an answer from those who bought such items, but Bungie can always try to appease the annoying fans with some additional elements of the game.

Another way that Bungie can change. DestinationThe business practices to improve are with the way you use the downloadable content in the future. Playing Destination 2 It can be an extremely expensive hobby for those who wish to keep up with the game as Destination 2: Abandoned It costs $ 39.99 on your own, while your Annual Pass is an additional $ 34.99. If the prices go down or the practice changes in a drastic and friendly way for the player, it could be easier to consider Activision as the suction force that many already see.

No matter what Bungie does ultimately, this will be a revealing moment in the games. If the developer becomes an editor ends up eliminating or changing microtransactions for the better, the negative stigma surrounding the great editors will have proven correct. If it ends without changing things and reducing these manipulative practices, then we will know that developers are so prone to fall into the attractiveness of increased profits. Either way, it will be an enlightening experience.

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