The CEO of Xiaomi says he has not yet launched in the United States, but his first phone with Snapdragon 845 will be Mi 7

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun met today at a small round table with journalists and said the company's first phone with the Snapdragon 845 will be the Mi 7. The CEO also said that although it still aims to a US release, it will take a "careful preparation" to get to that point …

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The Snapdragon 845 processor was announced today at the Snapdragon Tech Summit in Wailea-Makena, Hawaii, but the summit is also a place for many Qualcomm partners to present products that take advantage of their new technologies. For today, that has meant mainly Windows PCs "always active" based on the Snapdragon 835 of companies like HP and ASUS.

But tomorrow will be the big day to get details about the Snapdragon 845, the system on a chip that is expected to power almost all of the flagship Android phones next year. This afternoon (Hawaii time, of course), Lei Jun touched on some issues related to Snapdragon 845, specifically that the next Mi 7 of the company will be his first phone with the chip.

But even when the Mi 7 prepares to launch with the latest Qualcomm silicon, the question remains for those located in the US. US: can we buy it? Apparently, the answer is no – Lei Jun says that Xiaomi is still not ready for the US market.

"We hope to be an immediate success in the United States, so we need a lot of time and careful preparation to achieve it." He said.

We hope to hear more about the Snapdragon 845, and possibly some details about the next phones that will pack the chip, tomorrow. The exact specifications for the new chip and perhaps the benchmarks that compare it to the Snapdragon chips of the current generation and its competitors should also appear tomorrow. So stay tuned while we continue … working hard … to bring you news here in Hawaii.

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