The CEO of Ubisoft apologized for the controversies, in which an assassin’s cult director was fired

Ubisoft chief executive Yves Guilmot on Thursday acknowledged and apologized for misconduct allegations against several designers and public figures, one of which was dismissed Assassin’s Creed ValhallaCreative director earlier this summer.

In a statement before the publisher’s Ubisoft Forward Showcase on Thursday, Guilmot apologized for an image in a mobile headline that some believed the Black Lives Matter cause, or portrayed its supporters as villains.

Guilmat’s confession is a ubiquitous crime for fans who have seen the company stumble into controversial controversies with this year’s Social Justice demonstrations.

“Ulysoft stands for equality and respect for all,” Guillot said. “We condemn anyone who uses their game as a proxy for hate or poisoning. We fully support the Black Lives Matter movement. “

Guilmatt did not name any person or incident, but explicitly referred to the controversies that resulted from the resignation of Serge Huskett, formerly the editorial head of the company; Resignation of Maxim Beland, Editorial Vice President at Ubisoft Toronto; The dismissal of Ashraf Ismail, formerly for Ubisoft Montreal’s creative director Assassin’s Creed Valhalla; And Tommy François’ firing, editorial and creative services for the company’s vice president.

Ismail left the company in June, and was later fired on social media following accusations he made at E3 2017 over an extramarital affair with a dreamer who was lying about his marriage. Was. Béland, Hascoet and Francois were involved in accusations of physical and verbal abuse, specifically for creating and tolerating a culture of sexual exploitation and harassment of women.

“Over the summer, we found out that some Ubisoft employees did not uphold our company’s values, and that our system failed to protect the victims of their behavior,” Guillot said. “I am really sad for everyone who was hurt. We have taken significant steps to remove or approve those who have violated our values ​​and code of conduct. And we are working to improve our systems and processes. “

Subsequently, Guilot stated that Tom Clancy’s Aristocrat class Squad, An adaptation for iOS and Android devices, should not allow an enemy faction to be represented by a logo that looks like a raised fist of the Black Lives Matter movement. “This kind of inspection can’t happen,” Guillot said, the company taking control to prevent a recurrence.

“We are also working to improve diversity and inclusion at all levels of the company,” Guillot said. She announced an additional $ 1 million investment in her new graduate hiring program, which was intended to “encourage women and people of color to join Ubisoft and flourish.”

in the subject elite Squad Amid the controversy, Guilmot said Ubisoft would make an additional, unspecified donation to the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund.

“I am fully committed to leading change at Ubisoft and to ensuring that we always uphold our core values ​​and in the company, in the industry, in the community and in our games,” Guillot said.

“I’ve always believed that great sports have the power to bring people together and provide an outlet for self-expression and development,” he said. “It is now more necessary than ever.”