The CDC says masks protect the wearer from coronaviruses, too. Leh Valley Valley Regional News

The CDC is fixing its message about wearing a mask.

St. Luke’s University Health Network’s infectious disease specialist Drs. Jeffrey Zahara said, “I’m glad that the CDC has finally supported what we already know.”

For months we have been told that wearing a mask will only work for the safety of others, but the poison says that it is much more than that.

“We have also said that if you are wearing a mask that has a tight weave it will almost certainly give you some protection and protect others,” Zahre said.

COVID cases are at an all-time high, and we know the main reason for air droplets to spread. Knowing that wearing a mask can provide you with some protection, even if others have not worn one, it provides mental peace.

Dr. Zahare says that the type of mask you wear matters.

“What we are telling people is that if the mask is to be worn, it should have at least two to three layers. If it is a single layer cloth mask then it should be tight tight like silk or if you are using polypropylene Are using, Zahare said, “it’s even better.”

Dr. Zahare says those types of masks are readily available and you can make your own as well, so if you go out, apply the mask. You are not only protecting others, you are helping to protect yourself.


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