The CDC says coronavirus cases among young adults rose more than 50 percent in August

new The research The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that coronavirus infection increased significantly among young adults from August to September as colleges and universities reopened nationwide.

The CDC study, released on Tuesday, found that among adults aged 18–22 between weekly COV2 and September 5, weekly COVID-19 cases increased by 55 percent.

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According to the report, the Northeast region saw a 144 percent increase in cases of coronovirus among young adults, while a 123.4 percent increase was reported in the Midwest.

The health agency emphasized that the increase in cases was not solely attributable to increased testing.

As about 45 percent of young adults in the age range are admitted to colleges and universities, the CDC said it is possible that the resumption of in-person classrooms is the reason for the increase in cases.

The CDC notes that young adults are less likely than any other age group to follow health guidance to prevent the spread of coronovirus in young adults.

While young adults are at a lower risk for serious illness and death if they contract the virus than older adults and for those who are in a worrisome state, they can definitely transmit the virus in high-risk people. And can himself become seriously ill.

The CDC said, “Young adults enrolling in colleges and universities must exercise caution, including wearing masks, social disturbances, and hand hygiene, and following local, state, and federal guidance.” Its report.

“Higher education institutions must take action to promote a healthy environment,” the agency said.

In a different study Published Tuesday by the CDC, researchers observed an unnamed North Carolina university that experienced rapid growth in COVID-19 cases and groups within two weeks of students opening campus, forcing the school to transition to online classes was done.

About 700 coronavirus cases were identified between 3 and 25 August and most cases occurred in people 22 or younger.

Researchers write in the report, “The student gathering and living campus separately, COVID-19 is likely to spread rapidly within the university campus.”

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