The cast of the Justice League & # 39; reveal what they would want from an animated meeting –

The cast of the Justice League & # 39; reveal what they would want from an animated meeting


By Matthew Mueller

There are many who consider the animated series Justice League as the de facto version of the DC characters, and the cast I would love to rejoin the band if the opportunity arose.

Justice League appeared on the small screen in 2001, and subsequently created some of the best translations of these iconic characters. A recent tweet started a big reaction from fans on social networks, while fans around the world let WB know they would love to see a suitable meeting. It seems that the cast is also ready for it.

"I'm often in Comic-Cons across the country where I can interact with the audience, and a frequent question is why there has not been a Justice League, an animated movie based on the animated television series," he said. Kevin Conroy to THR "There is a large and loyal fan base there that you would think the studio would like to take advantage of." For me is a no-brainer. "

I've spoken with @ susaneisenberg1 and She told me, if we want an animated film from the Justice League with the original cast, we need to let WB know. Tweet @WBHomeEnt with the hashtag #JLReunion
In addition, Andrea Romano will even leave the retreat to direct him! #JLReunion pic.twitter .com / Uq5cQFcPS8

– #JLReunion (@AnimatedJL) November 21, 2017

Conroy expressed Batman for most of 25 years, but the actress Wonder Woman Susan Eisenberg feels exactly the same.

"Well, selfishly, I would like to explore the relationship between Bruce and Diana a bit more, and I know there are some fans who feel the same," Eisenberg said. I would love to see a story in which La Liga joins in its fight of good against evil, with a little romanticism and lightness to a large extent! "

Conroy loves the dynamic between grim Batman and the rest of the League." The challenge for me to play the complicated character of Batman is his sense of isolation and inability to connect with others, "said Conroy. when playing it in the Justice League team environment, there is a real contradiction there. "

Green Lantern actor Phil LaMarr is simply happy that fans love the show, even though he knows why a meeting has not happened before. " Your first hope is that someone will see your work, the second is that, somehow, it will last. Executives tend to look for the biggest and brightest new thing, not the best and most loved, until someone shows that there is an audience for it. "

Superman actor George Newbern also feels support for a meeting. so many fans who grew up in Justice League on Cartoon Network that they seem to want to restart some kind of movie or limited series, "said Newbern.

Flash actor Michael Rosenbaum is not surprised that fans want a meeting, although he is surprised that it was canceled in the first place. "Why it was prematurely canceled always baffled me," Rosenbaum said. "I would be honored and grateful to be a part of any kind of meeting with all the beautiful people badociated with this show."

Here is the hope that the meeting of the Justice League will pbad from a desire to reality.

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