The Cardinals billed Kyle Murray-DeAndre Hopkins’ Hell Marie on top

The NFC West is primed for a wild, wild finish with Kyler Murray right in the middle.

Murray’s 43-yard Hale Marie Howe was saved for a second by DeAndre Hopkins, with a three-way tie for the Arizona Cardinals with a stunning 32-30 win over Buffalo at the Glacial to put the Arizona Cardinals in first place . Eriz.

Josh Allen led Buffalo (7-3) to 30-26 with 34 seconds remaining with a touchdown toss of 21 yards by Stephen Diggs.

Starting at his own 25-yard line, however, Murray gave three straight passes to the Cardinals past midfield to go for 11 seconds.

The former Heisman Trophy winner scrambled to his left and drove the ball into the final zone, where Hopkins jumped three Buffalo defenders to end the last-second touchdown.

Murray scored twice for the Cardinals (6-3) on the field for the fifth consecutive time in the Super Bowl era to score a spectacular touchdown in five consecutive matches. The most recent of the four quarterbacks in NFL history, in 1956, Tobin of Green Bay wept.

Los Angeles Rams defensively won over Seattle, winning 23–16 – with a comeback win from Arizona – resulting in a 6-3 draw and seven matches for each team 6-3. Hui.

Russell Wilson was intercepted twice by Darius Williams, sacked six times and held without a TD pass for the first time this season, as the Seahawks lost after a 5–0 start for the third time in four weeks.


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