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The Canadian Trudeau promises money, a new law is produced

OTTAWA, Ontario – The Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Sunday he ordered his finance minister to begin talks with Kinder Morgan to "eliminate the uncertainty" that hangs over the controversial Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project that would almost triple the flow of oil from Canada's oil sands to the Pacific coast

. Trudeau also said legislation is coming in that will "reaffirm and reinforce" the fact that the federal government is in power to approve the project and ensure that it goes ahead.

Kinder Morgan suspended all non-essential expenditure on the project's pending confirmation by Ottawa, which may go ahead

Trudeau met on Sunday with the British Columbia prime minister, who is blocking the project, and the prime minister of Alberta, an oil-rich country, desperately wants to see him. or ahead.

"I do not think it surprises anyone who does not think we would be in this situation if the British Columbia government had not continued to emphasize its opposition to the project," Trudeau said. 19659012] The pipeline was approved in 2016 with the support of the former Liberal Party government in British Columbia, but now opposes the leftist New Democracy government of the province.

Trudeau has insisted that the project must be completed but the British Columbia government has fought in court.

The expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline by the Canadian division of Kinder Morgan, based in Texas, would drastically increase the number of oil tankers traveling in the shared waters between Canada and the state of Washington. Trudeau approved the project in late 2016, saying it was the best for Canada.

The project has attracted legal challenges and opposition from environmental groups and Native American tribes, as well as municipalities such as Vancouver and Burnaby. It also sparked a dispute between the provinces of Alberta, which has the third largest oil reserve in the world, and British Columbia. About 200 people have been arrested near the Kinder Morgan maritime terminal in Burnaby during recent protests.

Canada needs infrastructure to export its growing production of oil sands. Alberta is the largest foreign oil supplier in the United States.

The Trudeau government has been trying to balance the oil industry's desire to exploit new markets with the concerns of environmentalists. Although approved by Trans Mountain, it rejected the Northern Gateway pipeline from Enbridge to Kitimat, British Columbia

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