The California wildfire has burned more than 2 million acres and prompted a power outage for more than 170,000

While firefighters have continued the flames and rescued people from dangerous areas, other agencies are constantly closing national forests and have ordered temporary power shutdowns to prevent future eruptions. .

There are currently 76 large wildfires burning in the United States, according to the National Intergency Fire Center, but California remains the hardest hit state. The NIFC reported that more than 5,500,000 acres have been burned so far this year, with more than 2,000,000 acres scorched in California.
Wind gusts at speeds of up to 50 mph are expected for many high altitude areas in Northern California, which exacerbates the already active fire season in the state as the hot and dry weather will dry out vegetation and cause wind gusts. It will be more likely to catch fire during The event, PG&E senior meteorologist Scott Strenfels explained.

“Unfortunately, this wind event is happening on the heels of the current heat wave and will produce significant fire potential conditions,” Strenfels said.

PG&E said in a news release on Monday, “Like forecasts, forecasting possibilities increase the likelihood of damage to electrical infrastructure and hazards, which could cause sparks when lines are activated. These conditions can cause rapid fire outbreaks.” Also increase the likelihood of. ” .

Hundreds rescued from creek fire

The fast-growing Creek Fire in the Sierra National Forest has grown to 135,523 acres and has no holds barred, US Forest Service Supervisor Dean Gould said during a press conference Monday night.

Gould called the fire an “unprecedented disaster” for Fresno County, saying the area has previously had large forests, with the creek fire being “the most aggressive for any of them”.

The Creek Fire has grown to more than 135,000 acres in just a few days.

“It’s in a class by itself,” Gould said.

A Cal Fire official reported that “large-scale” wildfires have caused heavy structural damage and that current conditions are preventing damage inspection teams from surveying the areas to see how many structures have been lost.

As the fire continues to spread, evacuations have been ordered in Madera and Fresno counties, blocking roads and routes. Many are stuck on vacation for holiday weekends and in need of aerial remains.

Throughout the day, helicopters have been trying to rescue those trapped by the fire. It’s a high priority, Fresno County Sheriff’s Deputy Lieutenant Brandon Purcell said.

According to Purcell, there are temporary areas of refuge in four different locations.

Wildlife in Central California forces entire city to evacuate

“Those people who are in temporary areas of refuge are safe,” Pursell said. “We want families to understand that those people are safe.”

According to the Fresno Fire tweet, rescue operations were continuing for about fifty people trapped in the fire near Lake Edison and China Peak late Monday.

Fresno Fire said the first attempt was unsuccessful due to heavy smoke conditions, but the Chinook helicopter would make other attempts using night vision.

Over the weekend, more than 200 people were rescued from the area in the form of flames around the Lake Mammoth reservoir.

Fire threat closes national forests

Another safeguard due to the “monumental fire hazard” is the closure of the National Forest in Southern and Central California.

A press release from the US Forest Service states, all campgrounds statewide will be closed for daytime use and camping will begin Monday night.
At a gender revealing party, a pyrotechnic device set fire to a California forest, burning 8,600 acres

“Most people in California remain at risk of unprecedented and dangerous fire conditions with a combination of heat, extreme wind events, dry conditions and firefighting resources,” the release said.

Areas being closed are the Sierra National Forest, where the Creek Fire is still out of control and the San Bernardino National Forest, where the El Dorado Fire was sparked by a device at a party revealing a penis. The Sequoia National Forest will also be closed, but the National Park is open with no fire restrictions, and there are warnings of poor air quality.

Closing means hiking, biking, fishing, or even scenic drive. The Forest Service hopes the closure will reduce the possibility of human fires.

Hundreds have been rescued from the Creek Fire.

“Wildfire conditions in California are dangerous and should be taken seriously. Existing fires are exhibiting extreme fire behavior, new fires are likely, weather conditions are deteriorating, and we do not have enough resources That we can fight the fire completely and stop every fire. ” Said Randy Moore, USDA Forest Service Regional Forester for the Pacific Southwest Region.

The full closure affects Stanislas National Forest, Sierra National Forest, Sequoia National Forest, Inyo National Forest, Los Padres National Forest, Angeles National Forest, San Bernardino National Forest and Cleveland National Forest. They will be evaluated daily if conditions change.

According to the NIFC, how large and large-scale the fire is in the US is actually less than the 10-year average this season. According to NIFC data, a total of 40,883 fires have been reported so far this year, which is below the 10-year average of 43,456. The NIFC said that the total acreage till the beginning of the year so far is 4,645,058, which is a 10-year average of 5,680,220 acres.

CNN’s Sarah Moon, Pierre Milehan, Cherie Mosberg and Joe Sutton contributed to this report.


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