The California legislator waives the following allegations of misconduct


California Assemblyman Raul Bocanegra resigned on Monday after multiple accusations of badual misconduct, making him the first lawmaker to step down amid a series of harbadment reports that rocked the Capitol.

The Los Angeles Democrat had previously said he would not seek re-election and leave office at the end of the next legislative session. But on Monday, Bocanegra said he had decided to leave immediately after reflecting on the weekend of Thanksgiving and conversations with family, friends and supporters.

In a statement issued by his office, Bocanegra said he is not guilty of any crime, but "I'm sure it's not perfect."

"I believed in our system of innocence until proven the opposite, and that the truth would reveal my name and reputation, "Bocanegra wrote. "But clearly, the principle of innocence until proven otherwise" has been temporarily lost in a hurricane of political opportunism among the Pharisees in my case, to the detriment of both the accuser and the accused. "

Allegations against Bocanegra first came to light last month, when legislative staff member Elise Gyore said that she had denounced him to the Assembly investigators in 2009, when they were both staff members, after she I would go to a nightclub and put my hand on her blouse at an after-work event. He was told to stay away from her, but the Assembly Rules Committee did not discipline him.

The Los Angeles Times reported last week that Bocanegra is accused of touching or kissing many other women without his consent for a period of years, even after he was reprimanded for his behavior toward Gyore in 2009.

The president of the Assembly, Anthony Rendon, announced that he would expel Bocanegra if an investigator verified the new allegations.

Bocanegra's resignation occurs when the Senate Rules Committee was scheduled for Senator Tony Mendoza to chair his committee in the middle of a misconduct investigation. Mendoza is a Democrat from Artesia, near Los Angeles.

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