The Buffalo Woman’s Opposite Includes Her Scandalous Hatred towards Tom Brady

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Carole Scarsella, a Buffalo woman who died on July 19, was known as a loving grandmother and an incredible woman. But it was the way her sports fandom was brought up in her obituary that caught the attention of many this week.

As the obituary reads, the late Lackawanna, NY resident “loved the New York Yankees and LeBron James. She hated Tom Brady.” It was one of five facts about Scarsella that was listed next to her love of reading, smoking cigarettes, slot machines and Facebook games, and being an incredibly involved parent.

A screenshot of the obituary was tweeted out on Monday. Scarsella’s granddaughter found it on Tuesday and shared how great it was seeing other people remembering a woman she loved so dearly.

What’s particularly notable about this kind of sports-related tidbit in an obituary is that the hatred is just a statement of fact rather than an active dig. Take, for example, the Cleveland man who asked for six members of the Browns to be his pallbearers so they could “let him down one last time,” or the Seattle man who listed the Seahawks’ “lousy play call” that ended with the Malcolm Butler interception at Super Bowl XLIX as his cause of death.

Stylistically this is closer to the obituary of a New Jersey woman that noted she was “a lifelong Yankees fan, with the exception of Alex Rodriguez.”

That being said, according to her granddaughter, it’s important to remember the other great things about Scarsella’s life.

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