The Bucks are confident that Giannis will sign Antetoconpo Super-Max contract

Mark Gasol is a free agent this offseason. He was a solid starting center on a Toronto team that reached the second round of the playoffs and played with real patience.

He will have NBA options, but according to a rumor on Sportolo, Gasol may consider a return to Spain to end his career.

Spanish center Mark Gasol is considering returning to Europe for family reasons, to continue his illustrious career, according to Xavier Saisso Garcia of Radio Serge Catalunya.

Take every rumor this time of year with a grain of salt, but Gasol may want to go this route.

The center has become a position in the NBA where teams want to get players cheaply (except for the real elite at positions like Joel Mbid or Nicola Joki). This is seen as an easy position to fill, and Gasol, at the age of 35, will likely only see one or two years of offers at a minimum or no longer. This is a steep $ 25.6 million drop this season.

Gasol grew up in Spain until the age of 16 when he and his parents moved to Memphis to live with Mark’s older brother Pau Gasol. After high school, Mark returned to Spain and played for three seasons with Barcelona before coming back to the United States to play for Memphis himself.

Pau Gasol has spoken of possibly playing for Barcelona this season, but nothing seems to be happening. He and his wife also had just one daughter in the United States and she wants to stay at home.

There is no schedule yet for the next NBA season. The 2020 NBA Draft is November 18, but it is the only date in which it is closed. Discussions are growing louder around the league about the start of a February for the next NBA season. This uncertainty, and how Marc NBA’s comfort level with both NBA teams and how our nations are handling coronoviruses, can play into your concerns.

Barcelona and other top teams in Europe are already playing their schedule. Gasol is also expected to return to the Spanish national team to play in the Tokyo Olympics next summer.

It is to see everything. Gasol – NBA Champion, Defensive Player of the Year and three-time All-Star has options.