The Browns’ turnaround is due to the Jets having expectations.

When the 1–13 Jets play the Brons on Sunday in their home finale, they should look into their opponent’s ground and see hope for themselves.

The Browns were 0–16 in 2017. Yet they enter Sunday’s game with a 10-4 record, a virtual guarantee to make the playoffs and still have an outside chance to win the AFC North.

There has been so much progress for the Cleveland franchise that in a short period of time – the Jets are tagged with the notion (10 years removed from their last playoff appearance) – considered a black hole.

Is there a Jets fan on the planet who wouldn’t sign up to be in the position that Brown is in two seasons from now?

“This one says two things,” former Jets general manager and current ESPN analyst Mike Tenenbaum told The Post this week when asked about Resurgent Brown. “One is that maybe they were a little closer than the people. Some of those games were Brown [in 2017] There were one-possession games, so close.

“And now, they’ve made some good decisions and quarterbacks [Baker Mayfield] got better. They brought [head coach Kevin] In Stefanski, [offensive line coach] Bill Callahan and has a better offensive line. A combination of all those things and you can change things quickly, because our game is naturally built between 8-8 for teams. ”

The Jets, 9-point underdogs, have two more losses to defeat the Browns, finishing 1–15 for the second time in their history, and the rebuilding looks challenging with a new coaching staff, a quarterback with uncertainty and one Rowing which is not enough is enough.

Tannenbaum, however, does not believe the Jets are light years away.

Baker Mayfield against the Jets last season.
Charles Weinzberg / New York Post

“If you just start the last two months – they played the Patriots very closely at MetLife, the game was really competitive, a one-point game until the end,” Tannebenbaum said. “Look at the Raiders game [a 31-28 loss in the final seconds]. Apparently they had a good chance of winning that game. And, he defeated a good Rams team on the road.

“So, the wardrobe is not bare by any stretch.”

Nor was it Brown, who flourished under Stefanski, a head coach who seems to have pressed all the right buttons.

Stephenski was running the Vikings offense in Minnesota, while the Brons were working hard at 0-16.

Asked how a rebuilding from 0-16 became difficult, Stefanski inherited a team in his first year in Cleveland, which went 6-10 last year, saying, “For me to go there Hard because I was not here then. But I can tell you everything I got, and was taking it all in once a day and carefully building this thing in terms of planning and personnel.

“Then riding with Andrew Berry and taking the reins [as general manager], What has been done has brought in the right people, ” Stephansky continued. “We brought in good football players and we brought in good people, hired a coaching staff that I felt really strongly about. ‘

Stefanski, too, has proved to be the right man for the job. Interestingly, he was considered the “offensive” head coach, Adam Gesse when he was hired by the Jets before this season.

This difference, however, is confirmed by Stephensky himself as the CEO of the entire team, and not just the offense – unlike Gesse, who has not done much with the Jet defense.

“I just try to be myself,” Stephensky said. “But I am the head coach of the team, so I think the players understand that I am not the aggressive head coach, I am the head coach. I also feel strongly about the coaching staff here.

“Andrew put together a plan in the offense and identified people that he wanted to go through business, free agency, drafts. He said we thought a bunch of areas are important. I know everyone Looks at the offensive line, and it’s fair to do it. We went out and found a guy in free agency [Jack Conklin], Made a draft [Jedrick Wills] And brought in Coach Kellahan, who I think is the best in the business. ”

Gacy, who tried to produce two shows with little success with the Dolphins and Jets, praised Brown’s creation from afar. Of course, on Sunday he will get an up-close look.

“He said as far as doing a good job of making that thing from the back and bringing people in the right way, whether it’s the O-line or the D-line,” Gess said. “They clearly have an elite pass rush [Myles Garrett], And they’ve got an O-line doing a really good job making holes and making a really good running game [led by Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt].

“He has surrounded the quarterback with a lot of skill players who help him excel and maintain better and better. Coming into this year, a lot of people were thinking how good it is [Mayfield] Was going to play They have played really well this year and they have won a lot of games. ”

If you’re wondering what it’s really missing with the Gesse Jets – players with strong offensive line and skills around quarterback Sam Darnold – you’re not alone.

Asked if Jobs seemed to have seen the Browns rebuild themselves in such a short time as a competitor, a sign of hope for a franchise like the Jets, Stefanski said, “For me to be there It is very difficult. We pay attention to our blinds and focus on whatever is in front of us. ”

Stephenski’s comment was similar to what her team had in front of her on Sunday, and she seemed to echo Tannenbaum’s wardrobe-bare-sense in relation to the Jets.

The Brons first-year coach stood in front of his team on Wednesday morning and told him “to put on the ‘tape’ of the victory over the Rams last week.”

“I know he won the game last week; You can see the result, ” he said. “But I also wanted to see how they won. It was a physical group, taking the ball away, attacking the block, moving the ball, becoming explosive. I think the tape was jumping on people. ”


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