A police officer in England The West Yorkshire police said the PC Martin Willis was the first to arrive at a wrecked van that was teetering on the edge of a car. icy bridge on Friday morning, in an effort to keep the vehicle and the driver stuck inside. in a multi-car accident just before 6 a.m. on the A1, a north-south route in England. Willis, a road surveillance officer with 10 years of experience, said he discovered that the truck had crashed through a barrier and hung over the bridge. Inside, a man was face down.

First on the scene of this collision in # A1M this morning and in front of a vehicle that was swinging on the edge of a bridge with the driver trapped. After grabbing the vehicle to keep it from swinging in the wind, I can not begin to describe my relief when @WYFRS arrived on the scene. pic.twitter.com/E8ilktlOl7

– Martin Freeway (@WYP_PCWILLIS) December 1, 2017

"Every time a truck pbaded I could see the van and I was wondering: & # 39; It's right on the A64, if this truck pbades, it will kill the driver, "he said. While his colleagues closed the street, Willis grabbed the rear axle of the truck.

"I told the victim not to be terrified and he said 'let's get him out of there, whatever he does, do not move'," he said. "Then I grabbed the rear wheel and pulled in, which helped keep the truck balanced."

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In total, Willis was there for 15 minutes. The West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service was able to stabilize the truck and rescue a 22-year-old man with serious leg injuries.

Despite the dramatization, Willis states that he was only doing his job.

"Sometimes you have to take risks and if you need to help someone, you need to help them," he said.

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