The British ‘Indiana Jones’ claims the Holy Grail is in England –

The British ‘Indiana Jones’ claims the Holy Grail is in England

An amateur archaeologist from British Indiana Jones claimed that the world’s largest remains are hidden in a secret cellar in Hounslow, west London.

Barry-John Bower, 40, believes that the Knights Templar captured the Holy Grail during the Knights and it was secreted by a weir in the man-made Duke of the River Northumberland, according to the Sun. Was brought back to the secret basement.

Bower spent the last few years studying the towers and was so confident that he received permission from the Environment Agency, which would bend the river, so that they could bring special equipment to survey the river.

Archaeological enthusiasts have invested thousands of dollars in their own geo-penetrating radar equipment to prove their theory early next year.

“When I discover it, it’s going to be one of the greatest discoveries in history – the greatest discovery of mankind,” he told the Sun. “Now that I am in the water, it makes me certain. It seems hollow. It feels right. Something below. Why not Hounslow? ”

Legend has it that The Grill – the cup drank from Jesus the Last Supper – has immense power and has been sought by many people over the centuries, including treasure hunters, archaeologists and Nazis.


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