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The Bridge Constructor portal revives GlaDos killer but adorable Valve

Crossing rivers with hanging bridges or steel bars is simple and picturesque, but those methods are too old for Aperture Science. And in the next Bridge Constructor Portal, which will be released on December 20 on Steam and mobile devices, you will have the opportunity to use the space-time tool of the Valve Portal games to help vehicles go from point A to point B [19659002] Headup Games publisher and developer ClockStone Software, which are responsible for the popular Bridge Constructor, are working directly with Valve for this follow-up. In the standard Bridge Constructor, players design the structures on the obstacles that heavy vehicles and trucks must withstand. This physics-based puzzle requires that you use your resources strategically so that vehicles are carried out safely without exceeding your budget. Those mechanics have found a considerable audience, as Bridge Constructor has surpassed more than one million copies sold.

Above: Bridge Constructor portal in action.

Image credit: Headup Games

Portal and Portal 2 have players solving transversal puzzles using the nominal portal weapon. This is a "weapon" that opens a wormhole tunnel to connect two separate points in three-dimensional space with a door through which you can walk. In Valve games, players take the invention of Aperture Science to survive a series of tests and then escape to the world.

But while Portal's mechanics were fresh and exciting, the game also won praise from fans and critics for its writing and characters. In particular, people loved the villain A.I. GLaDOS, who made fun of you during your adventures. And now players can spend even more time with the killer computer program since she is coming back in Bridge Constructor Portal.

If you're wondering how all this will work, ClockStone and Headup launched a preview that you can see at the top. This story shows a truck falling into a space and then entering a portal and then loading the moment from that fall to jump through a gap without a bridge. Who needs the Golden Gate Bridge?

Bridge Constructor Portal is also coming to the consoles, but will not jump through a crack in the fabric of space on those platforms until 2018.

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