The bride threatened that she would send the wedding guest if she wore an ‘off-white’ dress

A bride can keep one of her wedding guests away from her celebration, depending on what the guest is wearing.

A bride-to-be recently on Reddit’s “MIAA – H —” stage earlier this week to reveal that her father’s 3-year-old girlfriend wore an “off-white silk slip dress” Is planning Matching blazer for her wedding.

The bride, who wrote the post under the username AccioWhiskeySour, said she saw her father’s girlfriend’s post about an off-white outfit on Instagram over the weekend, which was also the bride’s birthday.

“I was loose,” she wrote about the moment she saw the post.

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“There is no mistake in color because they took it directly from the website,” he said.

A bride is upset because her father's girlfriend plans to wear an off-white dress for her wedding.  (IStock)

A bride is upset because her father’s girlfriend plans to wear an off-white dress for her wedding. (IStock)

He said he immediately texted his father, asking if his girlfriend’s dress was actually white, but he was away for the weekend.

However, the next day, his girlfriend sent a message to the bride and told her not to give details of the outfits to her father as she wanted to surprise him.

She clearly told the bride that the dress was actually beige.

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The bride wrote, “I sent him a message saying that I am uncomfortable with him wearing a uniform in color and asking him not to wear it.” “He didn’t answer me.”

“What kind of irony I see, she was asked before if she could find a dress similar to my bridesmaids, and I had tried her and told her to avoid it even if possible.” “So it makes me wonder why she thinks it’s okay to wear the same color as braids?”

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Eventually, the bride spoke to her father and also told him the situation.

“I called my dad home once and told him, I’m not okay with wearing that dress,” he wrote. He said, ‘We have to make a lot of changes in our marriage and this is one thing that I am firm on. I told him that I was sorry if I put him in a difficult position, but I am putting my foot on it. I already told people [if] She appears in it, they will turn her away from me. ”

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The bride said in an update on the post that her father’s girlfriend finally responded, saying that “the person has a darker complexion,” and did not make the bride feel “a dress code in mind”.

“I have reiterated that unfortunately I just don’t feel comfortable with color and have asked to choose it [sic] Anything else, ”he said. “Our messages have been friendly, but formal to each other. I hope she now fully understands that it should not be worn as expected. ”

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Overall, those commenting on the post supported the bride.

“Everyone knows that you don’t wear white / white at the close of the wedding when you’re not a bride,” one person wrote. “I also find it strange that he asked to wear bridesmaids’ color if not one. If he had shown the color without asking or wearing it, it was the color of the bride, it is normal / coincidence. But asking specifically about wearing it… feels like she is trying to involve herself in your wedding. ”

Another person said: “For real- not wearing white at a wedding is like Wedding Guest 101, and every woman with double-digit intelligence knows this. It’s clear that she wants to make this wedding a chance for herself. Is trying to steal the headlines, one way or another. ”

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