The bride from New Jersey gets her second wedding after being forced to leave her first ceremony due to an allergic reaction


A couple from New Jersey who had to leave their wedding reception early when the girlfriend suffered an allergic reaction received a free return.

Victoria Tumolo told the Cherry Hill Post Office that she was dancing at the September reception when she got sick and started having trouble breathing. As a nurse, she realized what was happening and soon her father was administering an EpiPen through her wedding dress.

"I had to take off my dress so it would not be taken away when we got to the hospital," Tumolo said, noticing that her new husband, Dominic, and her mother took off their dress together.

"It's not exactly what I was imagining for our wedding night," said Dominic Tumolo.

In sympathy with the situation of the newlyweds, their service provider and the owner of the entertainment company that acted at the wedding joined together to offer them a second reception on Sunday. The Tumolos said before the repeated reception that at least 150 of the 250 guests who attended the first reception could attend the second.

The volunteers did the bride's hairstyle and make-up, and the wedding photographer also returned at no cost. The couple expected to finally cut a wedding cake, although the boyfriend admitted that he could have bad intentions.

"I'm thinking of cutting that cake and crushing it on your face," said Dom, 25, with a smile. . "We've been talking trash for a while."

Victoria Tumolo said she learned that she is allergic to milk and almonds, and that the symptoms manifest after exercise (in this case, dancing). It was treated and released, but the couple missed the rest of the reception.

"I wanted everyone to stay and have a good time," Victoria said. "There was a lot of confusion, and some people knew what was happening"

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