The Boys short film shows where Billy Butcher was between seasons

As promised by series listener and producer Eric Kripke, is a special short film The boys Season two has been released, offering a glimpse of what Billy Butcher of Season Urban was in between. The short, called Butcher, is short film: Chosen, where Urban’s character is seen at the beginning of episode 2.02 and played properly as an episode for the first 20%, then things take a turn. To try and subdue, the butcher meets up with an old friend named Jock, who reminds him of his days in the military, after he sees the news of Butcher allegedly killing Stillwell. Puts forces together before commissioning. You can watch the full video below!

“We’re going to release a very good thing because we had the whole story in episode two,” Kripke told Collider About the first short. “There’s really nothing spoiling it to say that as season two begins the butcher is MIA and then shows up, and in episode two we basically shot something that really revealed where he went. Was and what his experiences were. But it didn’t end in the end. Fitting well into that episode because it made the butcher’s story a lot less suspenseful and tangled and slowed down the rhythm a bit, in that way It was better not to go to the episode. ”

He continued, “But we have these scenes and so we joined them together in a short film called ‘Butcher’ and we are ready to release it. You will be able to see it as a short film like this, Which is their blank. The missing couple seemed like week, and it would serve as a companion for the show. ”

The first three episodes of The Boys season two are now available on Amazon Prime, which will come on set tomorrow, with the episode releasing on September 4, Friday, September 11. New episodes will air weekly on Amazon Prime, with season two concluding on Friday, October 9. Although the first season dropped at one time last year, Amazon has a chance to make some appointment televisions for its streaming service, not On the contrary Mandalorian. This release strategy however is not completely popular with the fan base.

The boys Already renewed for a third season, but due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it is unclear when it will be able to shoot, resulting in the cast issuing a curious warning to continue their adventures. The series will continue: wear a mask.