‘The Boys Recap: Season 2, Episode 4 – Homelander / Doppelganger Scene

Warning: The following includes spoilers The boys Season 2, Episode 4. Proceed at your own risk!

On this friday The boys, The homelander faced his worst enemy: Themselves. Really!

In this episode, Super flew out of a cabin to reunite with … Madley Stillwell ?! While Elizabeth Shu returned to reclaim her role, it was actually Doppelganger who was taking her form, according to the homelander’s instructions. First, the leader of The Seven demands Fox Stillwell for milk and whatever you want to call their twisted relationship. But when it didn’t seem like it, the doppelganger came to the homelander and started flirting with the real homelander!

Facing himself, the Homelander finally declares, “I don’t need to love everyone. I don’t need anyone. I don’t. Need. You.” Then to actually drive home (and convince themselves?), The Homelander killed Doppelganger.

Below, his painter Antony Star breaks up the “bizarre” scene and says this about the needy nature of the Homelander.

Tvline | What was your reaction when reading the Homelander vs. Homelander scene in the script for the first time?
I got really excited. I felt that this is very clearly a weird and really crazy banana scene. But then I also loved how it was deeply rooted, in fact, how it spoiled the character, in which he tried to prepare himself for this fictional situation and psychologically to find some solid foundation. It’s a fascinating, bizarre and weird scene, and one of the things I love about the show is that while we have these crazy scenes that just seem so crazy and insane, they are often too much for the character Are deeply rooted.

Tvline | That scene says a lot about the psychology of the homeland.
Yes, very much. This entire sequence, the cabin sequence, let’s call it, is very messed up indeed. It is a very strange thing to go and do. But there is a lot of fun with it too. I saw that scene, and I liked, “Wow, this is horrifying, but ecstatic.”

Tvline | How was it to do the opposite film by yourself?
it’s so weird. I did a show in New Zealand where I played twins for six years, so I’m quite familiar with doing scenes with myself. This is something I have done quite a lot. So I knew what I had to do and how much work you had to do. We have another actor who is there, and you have got to guide them and can direct them what you want them to do, so that you can repeat things and react as you move around Can do. So it’s really complicated and very, very technical, and thank god I did it a while back The boys, So it went very smoothly. Actually, it was very funny.

Tvline | I’m betting that when you first did it, the context was quite different.
It could not be more different. It was a comedy drama in new zealand Humiliating fate. It was popular years and years ago, but it all suggests that the twin stuff came in handy.

Tvline | And you probably weren’t wearing the kind of dress you were The boys.
I was not into women’s lingerie that I can remember, but it was a long time ago, as I said. I will have to investigate. [Laughs] But I’m pretty sure it was quite different.

Tvline | When you were filming this scene, did you ever have a moment where you were like, “What am I doing?” it’s so weird. “
I’m not going to lie: I have moments like that all the time, whether it’s about the normal job that I do or whether it’s a specific moment, no more than when we were making this show. There are moments in this show where I’m scratching my head, “Wow, are we really going to do this? Am I really reading that correctly?” And then I see it on screen, and I Like it.

Boys Season 2 Homelandor StillwellTvline | Do you think it is a crutch that the Homelander still needs Stillwell and requires Doppelganger to pretend to be Stillwell?
Yes. Right off the bat, I saw Homelandor as the physically strongest and emotionally and psychologically weakest character on the show. … [Without Stillwell], There is no buffer between him and the corporate giant [Vought], And besides, no one is massaging her ego and keeping her, in this quirky Oedipal way, honest and even genuinely. When problems arise, Madley may have dealt with the interference. He does not know how to cope. By the beginning of season 2, basically, by the end, he is really trying to find some sense of balance again. And that is in large part because he shattered Madley Stillwell’s face. [Laughs]

Tvline | What’s happening when Doppelganger changes from Stillwell to Homelander Our The mind of the homelander when he sees himself, and he is becoming so thoughtful?
I remember, that day, there were just so many different options to settle everywhere. We did something where I laughed hysterically, and then some where I had my eyes out, and some where I didn’t know how to react, and I think it was used a lot. . But it is a very big moment of clarity for the homelander when he sees himself as how weak he is and how weak he is. At the same time he is disgusted and retaliated by, he also has a sympathy for himself, for him in a little boy. It is a very bizarre, real moment that we tried to do a lot of it. I’ll have to revisit it, but I think most of it came through, which is, in fact, largely a sort of situation.

Tvline | And the dialogue is indicated at that moment. He says, “You are pathetic.” I don’t need everyone to love me. I do not need anyone. I do not need you “
Part of this character is that he is a little boy. He may be a little boy who is going through emotional puberty, which caused his emotions to be cut off very early in his life, and now he has reached a point for no reason, where he wants more than life. Since the beginning of season 1, he has been trying to expand and grow better and bigger. Maybe he thinks he is a god and wants to rise above that status in the eyes of all. And then the point is that he just does not know how to cope with some things to come and causes cause a lot of impact. This is a bit of a rollercoaster ride for the homelander. Poor old dear has got a lot to learn.

Tvline | I find it really interesting that he says that he doesn’t need anyone, and he shows a lot of disdain for people, but at the same time, as we actually see in episode 5 next week, he’s in everyone. So desperate for approval.
He is, in a way, the most emotionally weak, weakest, weakest character in the show, one hundred percent. The eternal dilemma for the homelander is that what he hates most about himself is his humanity, but it is also the strong part of him that makes him: he is and he wants and he is with someone or someone Wants to join, really. He is just so isolated. So he is a big bag of contradictions and contrary views. He is a very, very bad friend.

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