The boutique owners of Chicago called the robbery for help twice in three months: ‘We are not equipped to protect our stores’

Chicago boutique shop owners sustained more than $ 25,000 worth of merchandise losses on Tuesday after being robbed for the second time in three months.

Londo Mondo owners Carrie and Ken Londe told “The Story” that their store was initially looted during the unrest in May following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody. At the time, the couple were pushing for the reopening of their shop, which was already recovering from the effects of the coronovirus locking order.

The store was robbed for the second time at 2:30 pm on Monday, when intruders took over $ 25,000 from a women’s fashion boutique.

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“Two days ago we were about to reopen … a wave of loot occurred,” Carrie Londe said. “Well, then we came back and were open. Two days later, unfortunately, it happened again and this time it was very bad.”

On Monday, members of the Chicago Black Lives Matter organization organized a rally to support more than 100 people arrested the night after widespread looting and rioting, causing at least $ 60 million in property damage. And 13 police officers were injured.

At one point, BLM organizer Ariel Atkins called the robbery mechanism a “reevaluation” by telling the crowd, “I don’t care if anyone decides to rob Gucci or Macy’s or Nike’s shop, because it sure does.” That person eats. That makes sure that the person has clothes. That is revaluation. They can take whatever they wanted to take because these businesses have insurance. ”

As violence escalated on Sunday night, Ken Londe said he was forced to guard his store “I had a cell phone in my hand stating that I was on the phone with the police because the police were not there.” ”


“I know they are trying to do their best. But from what I understand, they are told not to involve these thieves and stop them. [was] People are being bullied or committed, “he said. So there is no growing presence of police that I have seen since the first riots and that needs to happen.”

Asked to deliver a final message to the robbers, who were “not the answer to the chaos,” Carrie said, destroying her business for more than 30 years.

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“It’s not going to do us better as a society, to steal people from people because it forces us into a militant state, and we’re not equipped … We own the business. We own our stores Are not equipped to protect. ” It cannot happen that way, ”she argued.

“And as a society, we cannot go down the path where all of us are either defending ourselves or stealing from each other. It’s not just the way we can escape and develop. Can be. ”

Fox News’ David Arrow contributed to this report.