The bosses plan to stay with Alex Smith for the rest of the season –

The bosses plan to stay with Alex Smith for the rest of the season


The Kansas City Chiefs are heading for Sunday's tilt against the New York Jets trying to piece together their questions about their troubled quarterback.

Andy Reid was repeatedly behind Alex Smith this week, citing holistic problems with the offense beyond the quarterback. The Chiefs' offensive line has had its problems, and the race game can not get going.

If Sunday's game at MetLife Stadium brings more problems to Smith, could the Chiefs change course?

NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport said at NFL Gameday Morning rookie Patrick Mahomes still has great breakthroughs in his development.

"I understand it's not out of the table that we'll see Patrick Mahomes later this season at some point," Rapoport said. "However, the Chiefs' plan at this time is for Patrick Mahomes to take a season of redshirt, they plan to have Alex Smith [be] as quarterback for the rest of the year, they obviously recovered a bit. more physical errors than anything and they wait and think that the offense will respond.

"Also, it is important to remember that Patrick Mahomes is still learning. He still manages the scout team in practice. [He] has not run the Chiefs' moves at full speed since Week 4 of the preseason. He still has a little way to go before he is ready. But he is incredibly talented. They love him If the offense continues to fail, we could see it. "

Smith fighting in the final stretch of the season is nothing new, especially the deep-ball regression we've seen in 2017.

Smith in 20-ball pbades – more aerial yards since 2015:

First 8 games of the season : 3.5 attempts per game 42.1 percentage of completions, 16.0 yards per attempt, 8-0 TD-INT, pbader rating 124.3

Last 8 games of the season : 2.8 attempts per game 37.3 percentage of completions, 12.2 yards per attempt, 2-4 TD-INT, 64.3 pbader rating

Sitting at the top of the AFC West with a 6-5 mark, Reid will stay with Smith while the playoffs are in sight. Unless you suffer an injury or a total collapse of the veteran, do not expect to see Mahomes soon. In a weak AFC, the Chiefs will continue to hunt down the stretch. It will take much more than a few lost stitching routes from Smith for Reid to burn the Mahomes red shirt.

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