The Bobcat Fire Mushroom doubles in size in one day in the San Gabriel Mountains

The US Forest Service reported on Thursday that the Bombay National Air Forest continued to burn throughout the night due to a burning fire.

“The fire went well beyond noon,” said Forest Service representative Micah Bell.

The fire is on 23,000 acres, which is twice the size in a day, and still remains 0% participation. Belaj said the blast, which began Sunday in Azu’s National Forest, has been updated for the “Type 1” event to reflect its increased size and the difficulty of keeping it.

“A Type 1 team can handle something more complex than a Type 2 team,” he said. “They come with more management personnel, more complex experience.”

The incident management team is made up of inter-local government and federal officials, Bell said, “so a lot of them know this ground, and they know how things work, which is great.”

Most of the fire’s rise was in the north-east, a relief for communities already in danger.

The evacuation warning for the east of Foothill Boulevard and the east of Santa Anita after the city of Arcadia was lifted as the city reported that the fire had generally moved away from Arcadia.

Live in six areas Withdrawal Warning: Bradbury, Monrovia, Sierra Madre, Pasadena, Altadena and Duterte, where residents awoke cars covered with sky and darkness on Thursday morning.

“It’s totally very smokey here,” said Victoria Rocha, assistant to the City Manager at Duke. “We continue to inform residents to stay inside, close their doors and windows, don’t do harsh activity outside, because the wind is too hard.”

A smoke advisory remains in effect for most of Los Angeles County and the Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties, according to the South Coast. Air Quality Management District.

Smoke Advisory of the Air District states that much of the Southern California region will be affected by fumes, with the highest readings of fine particulate pollution – small lung damage particles known as PM2.5 – Bobcat and L. In areas closest to Dorado tires.

Smoke blowing from northern California “may also contribute to wider PM2.5 concentrations of air,” the air district said, but due to shifting winds, the effect of smoke “will be highly variable in both space and time.”

and although Red flag warning In the area that has been canceled, Rocha said officials in foothill communities were urging residents to be alert to the danger of fire and the possibility of evacuation.

“We have a feeling that everyone is well prepared and ready,” he said.

A total of 652 personnel have been handed over to the Bobcat fire, one of the many wildlife up and down the West Coast.

Orange sky Sunken sun Wednesday in the Bay Area, while the city of Big Creek, California Ravaged by flames. In Northern California and Oregon, thousands of residents have been forced out Abandon your homes.

At the scene of the Bobcat fire, air tankers, including the DC-10, were “able to apply several drops of fire retardant to the southwestern portion of the fire and reinforce previously applied fire lines,” The forest service said Wednesday, more resources are on their way.

All 18 California National Forests are closed, and Off road Includes 2 freeways east of La Canada-Flintridge to the saddle and Canyon entrance station on Highway 39.

Firefighters are not expected to have a contained bobcat fire for at least a month.

On Thursday morning, Bell described a misty mixture of sea-layer fog and smoke in the air.

“I’m looking south-east with the fire,” he said. “I can barely see the top of the mountains right now.”

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