The billionaires wanted to rewrite the links for the Scottish Highlands after a gap of 500 years

Two billionaire Scandinavians, who have vast swaths of land in remote areas of Scotland, are hoping to reintroduce wild lynch on their land.

Anders Holk Povalsen, 48, a Danish billionaire, valued at $ 6 billion, considered Britain’s largest landowner with some 220,000 acres of empire, and Lisbet Roosing, Tetra Pak succession, another 80,000 from the Scottish Highlands Owns acres. Finance Research Researcher, for the purpose of reproducing the British newspaper Time Report.

Lionx was wiped out by hunting and habitat loss in Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom some 500 years ago; However, the population remains in Central and Northern Europe.

The Eurasian lynx can grow up to 27 inches high in the shoulder and weigh some 60 pounds, allowing them to be much larger than the bobbets seen in the Canadian lynx and some North American regions.

They eat five pounds of meat per day. Their pure carnivorous diet means that many sheep farmers, a powerful lobby in the region, strongly oppose them for breeding. The National Farmers Union Scotland strongly opposed a previous proposal to reintroduce Lynn into a forest near Loch Lomond, Time Report.

However, evidence of public support for the resumption of lynx could lead regulatory body NatureScott to issue licenses for the dramatic revolving scheme. A new, year-round study costing $ 65,000 is being handled by Povlsson and Roussing.

Advocates argue that farmers will be compensated for any livestock killed by the lynx, as often occurs in other officially managed re-introduction of locally extinct species. They also say that Lenexa will help revive woodland, which prevents their growth by preying on deer that live on small trees. A charity that supports proposals to reintroduce the lynx said they believed there was enough habitat and hunting in Scotland to support around 500 lynx.

Peter Cairns, Scotland Executive Director: The Big Picture, studied bodies such as NFU Scotland with the aim of “bypassing Aboriginal leaders” and speaking to individual farmers.

He said that the linux would re-spread in the highlands and could eventually cross into northern England.


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