The Biden campaign is planned to run ads during every NFL game until Election Day

Former vice president Joe BidenJoe kills Nevada governor at BidenTrump rally, takes aim at mail-in voting Former NFL coach Mike Holmgren responded to Trump’s epidemic, endorsing Biden Trump’s support abroad amid domestic rejection (D) reportedly getting bigger with advertising spending during every NFL game for the remainder of the election season.

NPR reported on Sunday that the former Vice President’s campaign has purchased at least one ad slot for every game between now and Election Day, with a campaign spokesman confirming NPR’s plans. The news is that Biden’s campaign has come to a halt in recent months over the Trump campaign’s pre-large cash gains.

The Biden campaign did not immediately return a request for comment from The Hill. NFL games often represent premium ad slots for campaigns due to their wide viewer ratings and the campaign’s latest volley comes as the Trump campaign targeted certain games with their own advertisements.

“The NFL, even pre-COVID, is the most powerful advertising vehicle,” John Analytics, an analyst at Ad Analytics, a media intelligence firm, said of the Biden campaign’s investment in a statement to NIDN. “In some markets, you get Super Bowl-like numbers on Sundays.”

President TrumpDonald John Trumptrump slams Nevada governor at rally, shoots back at NFL match Mike Holmgren in response to Trump’s epidemic, throws support to Biden Watch Live: rallies to supporters in Trew Nevada And other Republicans have distanced themselves from the NFL in recent months over players’ protests against police brutality and racism, which has taken the form of some players kneeling during national anthem performances before games.

“I’ll say this: If they don’t stand for the national anthem, I hope they won’t open. But, other than that, I would love to see them open and we’re doing everything possible to open them.” Trump told sports radio host Clay Travis in August.