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The best version of & # 39; The Last Jedi & # 39; It is exclusive to Japan


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Star Wars fans, go to Japan right now!

Japanese movie fans can watch "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" with 4DX environmental effects that allow them to choose between light and dark sides of the Force, enhancing the separate versions of Rebel and First Order of the movie.

In case you did not know, 4DX is a technology from South Korea that offers movies with additional effects designed to offer you different experiences. The effects, designed by CJ Group, can include wind, fog and lighting. Seat movement and vibration can also be added.

The two versions of "Last Jedi" can be seen in the same theaters in Japan, and so far the fans have been divided equally between light and dark versions. The effects differ according to the side chosen by the viewer. When a battle of sabers erupts on the screen, for example, 4DX technology changes the reverb and sound effects to highlight the light or dark side.

"The Last Jedi" has been number 1 in the Japanese box office since its launch on December 15, raising $ 55 million to date. Those versions of 4DX help the bottom line thanks to ticket prices that are approximately $ 10 more than the $ 25 (¥ 2,800) charged for 2D projections and $ 28.85 (¥ 3,200) for 3D.

There are no plans to bring the 4DX versions to the United States or elsewhere. For now, you can only see them in Japan.

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