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The best Pixel 3 line for sale with Google Home Mini included

As irresistible as some introductory agreements may seem on well-reviewed phones, such as Pixel 3a and 3a XL, it is sometimes wise to resist them for a time in advance or even greater discounts. Enter the latest promotion round of the Best Buy Pixel 3 series, which allows you to combine your existing savings with a new promotional gift.

The full line of Google Pixel 3 is eligible for a sweet mini gift from Google Home at the time of writing this article, simply requiring a provider activation in advance or a monthly installation plan. Starting at the bottom of the Android food chain, you can get the 5.6-inch 3a pixel for only $ 299.99 along with a diminutive Google assistant assistant smart speaker if you have no trouble activating the unlocked phone in Sprint. Meanwhile, the list price of $ 399.99 is reduced to $ 349.99 a little higher if you opt for Verizon or AT & T immediately. $ 16.63 per month for the Pixel 3a in a two-year device payment plan with Sprint, you can cough up to $ 12.46, or a total of $ 299.
The best Pixel 3 line for sale with Google Home Mini included
The Pixel 3a XL is available in a similar way to a $ 100 discount on Sprint activations or monthly payments, starting at $ 379.99 instead of $ 479.99 and $ 429.99 for Verizon and AT & T customers. In all areas, you'll also get $ 50 in Google Home Mini at no additional charge.
The high-end Google Pixel 3 is a different story: it comes with a free home mini with a $ 200 discount if you activate the 5.5-inch phone in advance on Sprint or Verizon. Even better, the package can be purchased for $ 20.80 instead of $ 33.30 a month with Sprint fees of two years, amounting to $ 500 after a total discount of $ 300 (the value of Google Home Mini is not in account).
Finally, the Pixel 3 XL is a modest $ 100 downgrade unlocked with AT & T and Sprint activations, but also $ 300 off the list price for new lines or Sprint accounts in installation plans. Once again, the free welcome program of Google Home Mini is guaranteed regardless of the purchase option of the smartphone you finish.

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