The best Kindle and Eco deals you can get during Prime Day 2020: $ 50 off Fire HD 8 Plus, $ 60 off Ring Alarm Kit, and $ 80 off 32GB Kindle Oasis

Amazon Prime Day 2020 is here, and the retailer has slashed prices of items and categories, including Amazon’s own devices. Whether you’re looking for e-books for your home security, fire tablets to read ring devices, or you just want to add an Alexa device to a part of your home, here’s Amazon’s most talked about technology There are good deals.

A standout deal involves a third-gen Echo device, its lowest ever. In addition, a lot of Echo and Smart Home deals allow you to add Amazon Smart Plug or other accessories for only $ 5 more. Of course, if you’re not a fan of the old Echo Dot design, you can also stop this year’s Echo Dot model, which offers a spherical design with a two-pack costing $ 80 on Amazon.

The third generation Amazon Echo Dot.
Photo by Dan Seifert / The Verge

Eco devices

Amazon’s Kindle Oasis.
Photo by Emilia Holowetti Crales / The Verge

Fire pills / kindle

  • Kindle Oasis (usually $ 250) with 8GB of storage for $ 175 on Amazon, matching its previous best price

  • You can also get the 32GB Kindle Oasis model (usually $ 280) on Amazon for $ 200, matching its previous best price
  • Kindle Paperwhite is $ 80 (usually $ 130) on Amazon, beating the previous best price of $ 5

  • Amazon’s Fire HD 8 is $ 70 (usually $ 120), the lowest device ever.

  • Fire HD 10 is $ 80 on Amazon (typically $ 150), its previous lowest price.

  • The Fire HD 8 Plus is $ 90 (usually $ 140) on Amazon, with its previous best price being $ 20

Erow Three-Pack of Rovers

Eero mesh router system (2019 model).
Photo by Dan Seifert / The Verge

Ero Wi-Fi / Ring

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