The best fashion Instagrams of the week: underwear by Kim Kardashian, Karl Lagerfeld in Chanel

It's been quite a week on Instagram, starting with Kim Kardashian West who posted the selfie that you see around the world. Like his sister Kendall Jenner, who wears a bright pair of underwear at the 2017 Met Gala KKW wore a dazzling string thing. However, unlike Jenner, Kardashian West skipped the dress and took the bad route. The naked appearance was so bold that it almost distracted us from one of the main events of the week: haute couture in Paris. And speaking of that, the departure of Chanel was particularly dazzling. Just look at the model of the house model Amanda Sanchez that was prepared by Karl Lagerfeld before reaching the track. In addition, Mr. Lagerfeld had his own moment of beauty: the designer debuted with a very careful beard. Never a shadow of five looked so polished, elegant …

Another man who made a declaration worthy of haute couture was the dancer turned into model Alton Mason. He always looked so regal, relaxed and reclined in a Gucci Monogram tracksuit. The owner of the Russian concept store, Olga Karput, also fell back in style, hanging like a babushka Vetements with a headscarf and floral gloves. Where others opted for a retro look, Bella Hadid truly lived in the future. She has been taking style signals from The Matrix for a hot minute now, especially with her long leather coats and tiny sunglbades. This week was no different: she placed a middle trinitarian pose between two sports cars. Vroom vroom!

Here, look at these and more of the best fashion Instagrams of the week.

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