The best fantasy football waiver wire collections for week 13


  • The best fantasy football resignation wire collections for Week 13

    The backup runner holds most of the cards in our Week 13 exemption wing report. Rex Burkhead and Peyton Barber had matches of tiebreakers with two touchdowns, and Jazquizz Rodgers and Rod Smith should not be forgotten. Devontae Booker continues to advance in the games, almost scoring a touchdown this week, and Chris Ivory and T.J. Yeldon is just a possible injury to Leonard Fournette.

    For open receivers, an injury to Amari Cooper and the possible suspension of Michael Crabtree opens the door to Seth Roberts, Johnny Holton or Cordarrelle Patterson. Josh Gordon is making his long-awaited return to the field, but teammate Corey Coleman is not someone fantasy owners should simply leave behind. Josh Doctson deserves to be in fantasy squads after conducting a touchdown.

    Our exemption wing report for Week 13 ends with tight ends and D / ST that fantasy teams must aim for next week, especially O.J. Howard and Ricky Seal-Jones, who have just caught their third touchdown in two games.

  • 1 Rex Burkhead, RB, Patriots

    Burkhead lost some value after the irregular use of Week 11, but recovered to the big thing in Week 12, adding 15 touches for 53 yards and two short scores: one that runs, another that receives. Dion Lewis still had two more carries (15) and 62 more rushing yards (112), but Burkhead will remain a factor most weeks, especially next week in a favorable bout against the Bills.

  • 2 Josh Gordon, WR, Browns

    We've been warning you about Gordon for a while, so it's not surprising that he's been in 51 percent of Yahoo leagues despite not playing since 2014. But finally cleared to return to the field after numerous problems outside the field and substance abuse, Gordon has a potential value. He is only 26 years old, and the last time he played a full season (2013), he recorded 1,646 yards and nine touchdowns in 14 games. It is not clear how much has been lost after the long break, but even in the Browns dividing the goals with Corey Coleman, it's worth flying.

  • 3 Jacquizz Rodgers, RB, Bucs

    Rodgers took over as main runner after Doug Martin left the week 12 game due to a concussion. He finished with eight carries for 31 yards and added another six yards in one catch (two goals). Peyton Barber might look like the best pickup here because of his two touchdowns, but his five carries for seven yards say a lot. It is not clear if Martin will be lost next week, but with a favorable confrontation against the Packers on the deck, it's worth adding Rodgers.

  • 4 Peyton Barber, RB, Bucs

    While Rodgers seems the best bet for the touches, Barber's TDs can not be ignored. He managed the trash time a few weeks ago and could be in the line of a couple division against the Packers in week 13 if Martin is not there. Both backs of Bucs have a potential value this week.

  • 5 Corey Coleman, WR, Browns

    Coleman continues to lead the team in goals (eight on Sunday), but only brought three for 64 yards, leaving drop an easy touchdown too. It's worth having Coleman on any fantasy team, but it could take a hit of value when Josh Gordon returns in week 13. It's safe to say that Coleman will keep the number 1 spot in week 13, but after that and the rest of the team the season is still in the air.

  • 6 Rod Smith, RB, Cowboys

    With the demise of Darren McFadden and Alfred Morris' link to the team's lead last week (9), including one yard TD: Smith is quickly moving up in the fantasy ranking. It's too early to say that Morris has taken over, but at least it's part of a timeshare, which could lead to more.

  • 7 Ricky Seals-Jones, TE, Cardinals

    Seals-Jones caught his third touchdown in the last two weeks against the Jaguars, leading the team in receiving yards in the process (XX). Their goals dropped from five to three, but clearly Seals-Jones and Blaine Gabbert have some kind of chemistry. Next week's duel against the Rams will be difficult, but the pairings in weeks 15 and 16 against the Redskins and the Giants, two of the worst teams against the fantasy TES, could make Seals-Jones the one to score. difference in the fantasy playoffs.

  • 8 Devontae Booker, RB, Broncos

    Booker did not receive a ton of yards, but he played a lot of plays. He was about to score a touchdown after falling into a trap and had several attempts to rush. He did not finish scoring, but he is still an important part of the Broncos' offense, running and receiving, which earned him a fantasy league pickup, especially with a favorable confrontation against the Barrel Dolphins.

  • 9 Josh Doctson, WR, Redskins

    Doctson did not do much more than a 14-yard TD in week 12, but that touchdown was already late . Even though Jamison Crowder has become Washington's main goal, Doctson is very involved and has many advantages every week.

  • 10 Zay Jones, WR, Bills

    No one knew that Jones, Deonte Thompson and Jordan Matthews would lead the Bills to receive bodies, and Jones took the reins. He led the team in goals (10), doubled anyone else on the team, and caught three for 33 yards and a touchdown. Jones has always received goals throughout the year, and it may finally be time for him to start turning those goals into fantasy points.

  • 11 Dede Westbrook, WR, Jaguars

    Westbrook dropped to less than one yard from the team leader in yards (41), but led the team in all more like objectives (10) and captures (6). Westbrook is a popular target for many fantasy circles, and if it's still available in leagues, it's worth picking up and hiding a good showdown, like this week against the Colts.

  • 12 Dontrelle Inman, WR, Bears

    Spending three consecutive weeks Inman has led the receiving body of the Bears in catches (4), yards (64) ) and whites (9), but it's another week where the offense as a whole did not do much, did not score a single touchdown. Inman still has the best value among the Bears WR, but it's only worth starting in good matches.

  • 13 Jermaine Kearse, WR, Jets

    Robby Anderson is the WR n. 1 for the Jets, but the Jets offense has enough to make two WRs have fantastic value. Jermaine Kearse broke some tackles on the way to a big 42-yard catch to add to her big seven-receptions day, 104 yards and a touchdown. Kearse receives a solid fight against the Chiefs next week, which makes it a possible play.

  • 14 Eddie Lacy, RB, Seahawks

    Lacy took over most of the Seahawks' water duties, running 17 times for 46 yards. He could not muster much and faces a tough test against the No. 1 ground defense, the Eagles, on Sunday night.

  • 15 O.J. Howard, TE, Bucs

    Howard finished with three respectable catches for 52 yards, but it was more dazzling that Cameron Brate had a catch for six yards on two goals. It is the fourth consecutive game in which Brate has only had one catch, and it seems that the Bucs are letting Howard take charge of the No. 1 TE duties. He will face a tough confrontation against the Packers next week, but he has something of value if he has enough space.

  • 16 Cordarelle Patterson, WR, Raiders

    In the final minutes, Patterson had a big 54- capture of the garden, giving him the most yards (72), most of the targets among the WR (4) and tied for most catches (3). Michael Crabtree could face a possible suspension and Amari Cooper could miss a game or two with an unpleasant concussion. Patterson could be a possible starter next week against the Giants.

  • 17 Seth Roberts, WR, Raiders

    Michael Crabtree may be looking for a possible suspension after that fight, and Amari Cooper could also lose some time with a concussion. If both fail at any time, it is likely that Roberts is the beneficiary. He did not do much while both were gone, ending the day with two receptions for 26 yards, but that could change with a solid showdown against the Giants

  • 18 Johnny Holton, WR, Raiders

    Seth Roberts, Holton's fantasy value will depend on whether Michael Crabtree receives a suspension and that Amari Cooper loses more time with his concussion. Holton did not do much in Week 12 without Crabtree or Cooper, but a good showdown against the Giants increases their value.

  • 19 Chris Ivory, RB, Jaguars

    Ivory did not appear before Arizona, getting a carry for -6 yards. Its value depends on Fournette's status, but against the Colts, he must be in line for more carries than one. She's still a wife that's worth hiding in the dock, but if Fournette's ankle problem persists, it would be nice to have Ivory in her squad before any exemption battles take place.

  • 20 T.J. Yeldon, RB, Jaguars

    Similar to Ivory, Yeldon has value only if Leonard Fournette does not play. Yeldon did just as badly as Ivory, running once for six yards, but was used more in the pbading game, catching four of five goals for 26 yards. Yeldon burst for 122 yards during one of Fournette's lost games, so he can put the numbers in if he's given the chance, especially in the PPR leagues.

  • 21 Marquise Goodwin, WR, 49ers

    Among the WR, Goodwin was clearly C.J.'s favorite target. Beathard and Jimmy Garoppollo. He led the way in goals (6), sacks (4) and yards (78). It's going to be a tough test against the Bears next week, but Goodwin is the best of the 49ers' many options when it comes to receivers.

  • 22 Julius Thomas, TE, Dolphins

    Thomas had one a couple of touchdowns recently, but more importantly he has a big showdown of Week 13 against a Broncos defense that he has not been able to stop them for most of the season.

  • 23 Marcedes Lewis, TE, Jaguars

    Lewis tends to take advantage of favorable confrontations, and the Colts definitely qualify as a favorable match.

  • 24 Eric Ebron, TE, Lions

    The objectives and the production of Ebron have increased in recent weeks, and the Ravens have been in the top 10 in fantasy points allowed to the TEs almost all year.

  • 25 Los Angeles Chargers D / ST

    The Chargers are among the best fantasy defenses in the game, and this week they face the Browns. There's no reason for them not to start in more than 90 percent of the leagues in Week 13.

  • 26 Chicago Bears D / ST

    The Bears have shone at times this year, regularly getting a good number of bags to go with irregular rotation numbers. The 49ers have been fantasy gold for D / ST whenever C.J. Beathard has been starting, so we like Chicago in this home showdown in December if Beathard is out there. If it's Jimmy Garoppolo, this pickup will not look so hot.

  • 27 Miami Dolphins D / ST

    The Dolphins defense is not strong, but Denver's offense is a complete disaster. Even Miami can have a good performance in Week 13.

  • 28 Washington D / ST

    The Washington D / ST has been quite stable all season, and a confrontation against the Cowboys offense is Enough to make them a viable fantasy start this week.

  • 29 Tennessee Titans D / ST

    It seems that no team has favorable confrontations as often as Tennessee. Despite presenting mediocre statistics for most of the season, Tennessee is a decent aviator against Houston's error-prone offense.

  • 30 Oakland Raiders D / ST

    Oakland is a terrible defense, but a showdown at home against those fighting Giants at least puts them on the radar of fantasy. It could depend on whether Sterling Shepard is active.

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