The Best Buy security guard was fired after attacking a man who allegedly hit a California policeman and tried to flee.

A Best Buy security guard who boarded a wanted man on a felony warrant, and who had allegedly just hit a cop, was fired for his good deed because it went against corporate policy.

The Placer County Sheriff's Office said the incident occurred at the Best Buy in Roseville, California, just outside of Sacramento.

Timothy Trujillo, who was wanted for a felony warrant by the Nevada State Police, allegedly beat a police officer and tried to flee when agents searching for him appeared in Roseville on January 11.

"When they confronted him, the man hit one of the detectives and tried to flee, which is when the security guard approached him, preventing him from escaping," spokesman for the Pleasure County Sheriff's Office told FOX40. Scott.

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Tyler, who said he was an Army veteran and just wanted to be mentioned by name, told FOX40 that he was working at Best Buy when he saw the incident unfold in front of him.

Timothy Trujillo, 35, was arrested after the incident in the parking lot of Best Buy in Roseville, California.

Timothy Trujillo, 35, was arrested after the incident in the parking lot of Best Buy in Roseville, California.
(Placer County Sheriff's Office)

"He started running past me and I thought I was doing the right thing by stopping him," he said.


However, Tyler said the company's policy is that employees should not touch anyone, and he soon suspected that he might have "some kind of problem." A week later, he said he had been fired.

"My manager called me and said the company decided to let me go because I used excessive force and it was against Best Buy's policy to intervene," he said.


Best Buy defended its policy in a statement to FOX40.

"Our policy is clear, employees should not pursue potential criminals outside the store," the company said. "Pursuing a person in the parking lot creates a security risk that is not worth taking, no matter how noble an employee's intention is."

Tyler said he is happy to have taken a wanted criminal out of the street and plans to start college in April.

"It seemed like the right thing to do," he told FOX40. "As I said, it was someone fleeing from the police, it seemed the most logical".

According to the sheriff's office, Trujillo faces numerous charges, including badaulting and resisting a peace officer, robbery, possession of theft and possession of methamphetamine tools. He was booked into the South Placer prison, where he remains in custody without bail.

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