The best and worst of WWE Raw 11/27/17: We’re all dead



Previously on the best and worst of WWE Raw: Paige finally returned to Raw with a backup and a Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! trick. If you want to watch Raw twice last week, you can also watch Smackdown.

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Here is the best and worst of WWE Raw for November 27, 2017.

Best: We are a band of 3 men


Therefore, this week's episode opens with Roman Reigns receiving a "you deserve it" song for winning the Intercontinental Championship, which is nice and makes it look nice even if you "deserve it" has become "Woo" and you're screaming no matter how bad the slice was. He is interrupted by the friends of The Miz, who announce that they are now (temporarily?) The Jinder and Drew to Elias & # 39; Heath Slater. That establishes that Roman will defend the IC title against Elias later in the evening, since the best thing that can be done with Roman as a secondary champion is to make him fight and defend the title all the time, but not make any broad statement about a " open challenge. "

With The Miz taking free time to film The Marine 6: Personal Space I was worried that the injured Latter Day Saint Curtis Axel and the delicate motorist Bo Dallas were useless and vanish. in the dark I (1) did not expect them to end up being friends with Elias, (2) nor did I expect Raw to involve two of my favorite foolish fighters playing DUELING. PRETEND BLUES HARMONICS.

As I said on Twitter during the show, I'm glad I lived long enough to see Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel playing the harmonica of dueling blues on Raw. I just wish it had been done in front of the Houston crowd that loved Miztourage's shit, and not this downtown Tennessee crowd, I guess he's still experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder from his old local diet.

If you want the clearest example of how all this worked, ask a WWE crowd to sing "this is amazing" for one ] Roman Reigns vs. Elias match.

Mark the first one, this is exactly what you should be doing with Roman. No matter what you have let the Internet decide for you, Roman is a outstanding professional wrestler within the ropes, at least in the WWE definition of "professional wrestling". It is shocking, expressive, has a great moment and credible offense. He also sells more than you imagine, at least when he is not stuck in a 25-minute main event that should reach 15 tops. Triple H, I'm looking at your address . But yes, Roman is (and honestly has always been) drugs in the ring, so if you keep short of the seemingly necessary recapitulation prompts of the "main character" and let him spend most of his time having good matches in the middle of shows that allow the characters that are not in their RAISE level, you are solving almost all the problems of Reina Romana. * chef kiss *

Point out the second, look at the great talent of Elias! In the continuous miracle of a guy who was horrible to God most of his time on NXT being a fully functional, entertaining and attractive character on a larger stage, Elias uncovered a primal offense in this: his elbow on the strings was beautiful , like his electric chair in a power bomb, and legitimately it seemed he could win. It was very similar to the Cena / Neville match of his title race in the United States, where yes, you knew the other was not going to win, but even in a loss, they really showed something and they came out better for that I think this game made Elias finish in a way that could not be yet, and that the rules.

Everything in the Intercontinental Championship of Roman Reigns. Even if Samoa Joe ends it almost immediately. Honestly, I'm even over in case that happens.

Better: Titus throws his hands

I have read some summaries of this game that said Titus O & # 39; Neil was too offended by a squash of two minutes, and although that is totally fair since Titus has been signed for his entire career, I do not agree. I think that's how a squash match should be if you've decided that you're an extremely muscular 6-foot-6, 270-pound soccer player. That guy SHOULD throw some big punches before knocking him down.

Look at the Fan Nation game version and you'll see what I'm talking about. Titus is in the ring throwing elbow blows that mark the title of Jinder Mahal against a hard-working worker and great slaps open to the stomach that make the crowd leave, "oh!" That's great. It still came out and Joe kept rolling, but shit, a guy like Titus needs to spend a weekend with a VHS from Miracle Violence Connection and introduce himself to the Raw throwing backdrop controllers next week.

Also, congratulate Apollo Crews, a fighter that I fear we will never like, to "make the salvation" of Titus and stay trapped in five seconds.

Better: Speaking of being drowned in five seconds, here's the whole Asuka Vs. Dana Brooke Match in a single GIF


Next week in the Impact Aces and Ehs: " We know who he is, JB! ASHLEY MAE has arrived at what we now call our fight promotion! "

Worst / Best: #GiveDivasAChance

While none of that was bad – I like Paige's group, even if the name "Absolution" seems to have chosen something from a drop-down menu in a video game with limited options, and the Asuka pumpkin was super fun – It is important to note that there were two women's matches in this three-hour show and both COMBINED matches lasted five seconds. The five were Dana Brooke being really thrown into a cross-armbreaker, because the publicized label of six women never happened.

The good news is that, hey, five seconds of things happening and the stories are getting better than 15 minutes of boredom, but still, I think we could have put some things in the ring in the show somewhere . Absolution (sorry, Tony Nese) attacking Bayley and Mickie James in the backstage proved that they have an advantage, and Alexa Bliss is lowering the comments to avoid a beating was very funny. I reserve the right to be upset with all this. Ruby Riot, Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan announce against Naomi, Becky Lynch and Natalya for Tuesday, the game never happens because Ruby's Riot Squad strikes Becky and Nattie backstage, and Charlotte leaves comments. to avoid a beating.

Me Reading Your Tweets


The worst, but then the best: if it did not break, fix it

Remember before Bray vanished and clbadified himself as obsolete, obsolete, when we wanted to see Broken Matt Hardy against the evil teleport fanatic fanatic Bray Wyatt? It seems that we are finally getting that, since Jeff (1) will not come back soon and Matt needs something to do, or (2) one or more people have fallen into the Lake of Reincarnation and we are receiving our complete Broken WWE Universe.

A universe that I suppose includes Bray Wyatt nervously saying, "Sister Abigail? Heh, what is that, I never heard it," before a group of drones and children attacked him.

On a related note, NO BRAY WYATT PROMOS EVER.

Better: Seth Rollins has set one half of the tag team Champions!

So to say it, I'm furious at how incredibly vague this trope has become. Last week, Dean Ambrose fixed half of the Tag Team Champions to establish another title shot between the only two teams that ever fought for the Tag Team Championship. This week, Seth Rollins immobilizes the other half of the champions to do the same. On Smackdown, Shelton Benjamin immobilized half of his Tag Team Champions to establish a title shot. Do you think that on Tuesday we will see Chad Gable immobilizing Jimmy Uso?

Well, having said that, there is a difficult truth in each column. Best and Worst Anything: it does not matter how angry I get, how frustrated I feel or how it makes little sense, if the wrestling part is really good, I agree. After all, I'm not a disconnected elitist or a Social Justice Anything, I just want the shows to be good. If they're good in a way that I do not like, shit, at least they're good. That was the first game of this week. Yes, Cesaro took another pinfall and yes, The Challenger Has Pinned The Champion ™, but it was 20 minutes of two great wrestlers fighting, and that's fine. They even kept the sound of psychology with Cesaro working on Rollins' back.

In general, very good things. I wish there was a more attractive way to get to 20 minutes of fighting and that things before and after could matter so much, but maybe we are getting there. The interview after the Queen of Negativity Charly Caruso could take or leave, since her question about if the Shield is breaking because sometimes they have matches that are not six labels is silly, but Rollins mentions Ambrose's honeymoon. and my tangential thought of Ambrose inviting Renee to all of Shield's meeting places and her Yoko Ono & ing is quite fantastic. I mean, Rollins used to go out with a Nazi and he did not let HER ruin the group.

Better / worse: save the cruisers

[19659003] Because the Cruiserweight Division is the Female Division of Smackdown with penises, the only way to win a title is through:

  • a fighter appears and says NOW * I * GET A TITLE SHOT and everyone agrees with that, or
  • a real battle and / or a small tournament to name a new number one contender

So, instead of writing a story based on characters where someone could win an opportunity for the title in a unique or interesting way, it's like Kurt Angle, "I'm putting everyone in the division in two fatal four, two blocks and two faces in each, with the winners having a match for see who will face Enzo. " That's something so I can not talk too much about that, but could we at least establish some motivations and find out what these characters think? What is happening beyond "I love having fun" or "I'm on the bad team"? Enzo and Drew Gulak are the only characters whose personalities reach Raw.

On the positive side, the game lasted about 13 minutes and it felt like the first real "cruiserweight" game we've had on Raw in a time. They all looked good, they had enough time to really express themselves in the ring, and Rich Swann got the victory. I suppose next week Gulak will win so that Swann has to dethrone Enzo's main lackey before challenging the Championship, or they will give it to Ced and maybe they'll let it explode for 15 minutes at the top of the next show. Anything really works for me if we move forward, allowing some of these SUPER TALENT HUMAN BEINGS, objectively, to use part of their talent in front of people, and making the secondary championships be fighters that do not have a single need.

Worse: The two-part Kane event

I was expecting Kane's random return and the 2017 push to be just to compensate for some injuries before TLC. Then I expected it to be part of the month of the Survivor series that was not canon. Now I have no idea what the hell it is.

The proposed main event is Kane against Jason Jordan, with Jordan claiming that his knee is fine, but also that he has been working injured, so he can play the "noble babyface" and "secretly cowardly heel" thing in a line fine. I like that. He is really nasty at the moment, and I have to badume that they have already discovered it and are doing it on purpose. So Kane fights Jordan for a minute, until Jordan "re-injures" his knee and loses by count.

With Jordan incapacitated and the main event in danger, Finn Bálor appears until that Kane kicks his bad again . I would like to write a lot of dense paragraphs complaining about this if I had any idea of ​​what was happening, further, "if we create Kane by putting it on everyone, we can give Braun Strowman a mbadage that he hardly seems to need." Someone in the world who asks me if I would like to decide whether or not I like Braun Strowman until I see how he handles this Kane situation? "

Kane flips Finn back and Strowman is saved, Braun does not sell a chair, then It takes about 15 minutes to hit Kane, although this is a great idea on paper, the execution was a bit … partly because I do not think anyone takes Kane's threat seriously enough to get excited, but mostly because they forced an overflow they did not need and we had to see Kane staggering like a puppet for the most part.Kane crushes his throat in revenge for what he did to Strowman, boom, end of the show.Do not get his throat crushed, lu ego follow him as he recovers, staggers ringside, roams the crowd and disappears from the back, while Braun remains in the ring watching and doing nothing. It was as if they had lost the signal to send it to Jeeepers Threepers .

There's no other pay per raw event up to the Royal Rumble, so let's hope that the meat Strowman vs. Kane gets out. on the weekly TV before the WrestleMania season, unless this is to establish an official retirement for Kane. I just … I do not want to see Kane, that's normal, right? In the worst case, Kane and Braun enter the Rumble at number 1 and 2, spend all day talking about how good Kane is at the Royal Rumbles, and they have Braun who hits him like James Ellsworth in 15 seconds. .

The 10 best comments of The Night

Clay Quartermain

I hope that the new episode of Table for Three ends with Ric omitting and leaving Steamboat and Sting with the check.

The Real Birdman

That was a good visual representation of the WWE food chain:
Big Push Monster> WWE Veteran> Independent Supervisor> Black Boy

Ja Gi Kyung-Moon

In Actually, it would have been nice if the show ended with 11 guys walking and saving each other from Kane.


Strowman should get off super slow and pose just to teach Finn a lesson


He will move quickly to next week where Asuka will be using Mandy Rose face as her mask.

AJ Dusman

The great looke dog so pathetic there, almost expected a song by Sarah McLachlan to start playing on him.

Brute Farce

Bray was right about the crowd being dead.


Wait, they sell money in the bank replica suitcases? I'm going to buy one and walk through my neighborhood, putting fear of God on anyone with a WWE belt.

Harry Longabaugh

Seth is going to draw a reverse Ric Flair: close the bar and THEN win a championship.


Roman: This is my intermediate letter now. * microphone drops *

That's it for this week. A big improvement this week for me, even though there seems to be no consensus. Maybe my Enjoy The Wrestling radar is broken. Anyway, we hope that Smackdown will become their own show again this week, and that we can all move forward with the Survivor series in our rear view.

If you can help us, make a comment to let us know what you thought of the program and share the column about your tricks on social networks. Help. Join us next week for Raw live (for us) in Los Angeles, with a Tag Team Championship match and, I suppose, Aliyah being called from NXT with Bianca Belair and Lacey Evans.

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