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The baby declared “dead” incorrectly by the hospital dies for real

A newborn who was wrongly declared "dead" by an exclusive hospital in Delhi, India, died days after receiving treatment. The outrage in the country led to the negligence of the doctors and the hospital after it was discovered that the baby was alive while on his way to his own funeral.

The incident took place in a private center called Max Hospital on November 30 when the doctors handed the baby and his twin brother in a plastic bag and told the family that the two had been born dead due to their premature birth . While the babies were being taken to cremation, the family found one of them writhing inside the plastic bag.

Local media reports indicated that the 22-week-old premature baby remained artificially alive for five days, but died during his treatment at another medical center. Tuesday afternoon.

Earlier on Tuesday, a preliminary investigation into the incident found that the hospital was guilty of failing to follow the prescribed medical standards when dealing with newborn babies. According to reports, the hospital did not perform an electrocardiographic scan before declaring the child dead.

After widespread outrage and protests outside the hospital led by the parents of the babies, the police filed a medical malpractice complaint from the MAX Hospital. The family also alleges that the hospital asked for a huge fee to treat the children and then told them that the two newborns died.

The hospital on Sunday dismissed two doctors who were in charge of the babies.

In announcing the completion of the two doctors, the privately run hospital said in a statement: "This strict action has been taken on the basis of our initial conversations with experts."

"While the research group of experts that includes external experts of the Indian Medical Association (IMA) that are still in process, we have decided to terminate the services of the two treating doctors," the hospital added. "We want to clarify that this action should not presuppose the expiration of the group of experts and should not be interpreted in any way as an expression of our ongoing commitment to provide quality medical care."

Jagat Prakash Nadda, the minister of health and family welfare, on Saturday, condemned the incident, saying: "very unfortunate incident, they have asked the government of Delhi to study the matter and take the necessary measures". I call on states to adopt the Clinical Establishments Act so that regulatory authorities are operational and can see the operation and functioning of private institutions. "

State Health Minister Satyendra Jain described the incident as" criminal negligence " shocking "and also warned of canceling the hospital's license if it continues with negligence.

The latest incident follows another case of hospital malpractice in India that took place last month when the Fortis Hospital in Gurugram, a town near the Indian capital of New Delhi, was attacked after the parents of a 7-year-old girl, who died of dengue, accused her of wrongly charging a whopping $ 24,602 for the child's treatment.

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