The Avengers project aims to be a level "game of the year" title


In January 2017, Square Enix announced a multi-game partnership with Marvel that would create multiple games based on Marvel properties. To date, only one of these games has been announced: The avengers project, which is a placeholder name for Avengers Game under development in Crystal Dynamics. While we know The avengers project It exists, that's all we know. When the game was revealed in 2017, Square Enix promised more information in 2018, but now it's 2019 and nothing is known about the project. Unfortunately, the only new information about the game that has been revealed has been courtesy of several job offers, which provide detailed information on what Crystal Dynamics is working on.

For example, a work list for the position of Narrative Director makes multiple reference to the story of the game loaded with emotion. The same listing also sheds a little light on the ambitions of Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics for the title, which are apparently quite large.

In the position requirements section of the list, Crystal Dynamics notes that applicants must not only have a pbadion for games, but the "ambition to create a Game of the Year title." Now, each study aims to create a game title of the year, that's normal, especially for a study of the caliber of Crystal Dynamics. However, stamping that intention on the position requirements is a bit more and it seems to suggest that Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics are really shooting at the stars with this one.

When you consider this is a Avengers game that we are talking about, maybe it is not very surprising. In today's era, you can not do it. Avengers Game without the intention of turning it into the biggest and best game you can. And I did not know the agreement I had if I was not sure that Square Enix could meet the expectations that came from doing not only Avengers Game, but any Marvel title.

At the time of publication, it is not necessary for Square Enix to launch the platforms or launch dates, but we hope that will change next month at E3, where Square Enix will be present and put on a presser foot.

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