The Bengals fans were so happy that the Jaguars beat the Steelers in the playoffs that a group of fans donated to the charity of quarterback Blake Bortles.

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – Another day, another no update on Tom Brady's status of the New England Patriots.

Brady, who appeared in the injury report on Wednesday when he was included as a limited participant with a right hand injury, missed Thursday's practice after being present for the stretch part at the start of the session. that on Thursday, Brady was present in the initial part of the practice, going through stretching and warm-ups, again wearing a pair of bright red gloves.

Whether Brady was restricted or not will be revealed when New England sends the report injury, and his participation in Friday practice should be the most important indicator on his status for Sunday.

So while the Patriots prepare for the AFC Championship Game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Brady's availability is a big question about the franchise.

"Yes, we gave the injury report yesterday," Patriots coach Bill Belichick said Friday morning. "We will update it later today."

As a result of Brady's missing practice, the team announced on Thursday, marking the second day in a row, that Brady would reject a scheduled press conference.

Just because Brady missed Thursday's practice, however, it does not mean he does not play against the Jaguars. Brady has appeared in the injury report since week 12 with a problem in the Achilles tendon and left shoulder, which has forced him to miss practices. Brady, however, has not missed a game due to an injury since 2008.

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"We will continue to prepare for Jacksonville until the end," Belichick said when asked he did not have Brady in practice on Thursday was an obstacle to the preparation of the team.

On Thursday, backup quarterback Brian Hoyer said he would be "ready to go" if Brady misses Sunday's game before refusing to offer details about Brady's status. [19659008] "Brian does a great job for us," said Belichick about Hoyer. "He works hard, he practices hard, he does a great job for us."

The Boston Herald reported that a player bumped into Brady during Wednesday's practice, interfering with the quarterback's hand. NFL Network then reported that it was a runner who crashed into Brady during a transfer.

Brady, a two-time MVP, threw for 4,577 yards and 32 touchdowns in the regular season and is expected to be a finalist for the award this season.

One last time during a tight-lipped Belichick press conference, he was asked if Brady would be a decision at game time.

Your answer: "Today is Friday".

Indeed. Brady is expected to address the journalists later, following the final practice of the week in New England.

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