The astronauts of the International Space Station just made pizza in zero gravity: SCIENCE: Tech Times –

The astronauts of the International Space Station just made pizza in zero gravity: SCIENCE: Tech Times


ISS astronauts show how to build a pizza in zero gravity

You can make pizza in zero gravity. Just look at how these astronauts aboard the International Space Station create their own pizza in space because one of them lost it so much.
( NASA Johnson )

Life in zero gravity is difficult. Just ask people on board the International Space Station, who have spent months, if not years, floating and going over and around the Earth constantly, but just because they are up there does not mean they can not have good things. 19659004] Yes, you can make pizza in space

Paolo Nespoli, an Italian astronaut who is currently orbiting the planet inside the ISS, missed so much the pizza that he mentioned it to his boss during a live public event. Then the boss gave in and let the astronauts make their own pizza in space.

According to a tweet of Nespoli, his boss provided him with the necessary ingredients from Earth to make a spatial version of pizza. Randy Bresnik, a member of the 53rd Expedition team, uploaded a video on Twitter that shows how they made the pizza in zero gravity. Surprisingly, it looks very similar to Earth's.

The pizza on the ground is sumptuous, delicious and of all kinds, but how about space pizza? Well, although they obviously did not hold a candle for Earth's pizza, Nespoli said the space pizza was "unexpectedly delicious."

The flavor was ultimately part of the package. Doing it in zero gravity was probably the real game, and it was also what made the experience unique and, literally, out of this world. In the video, different pizzas float within the ISS, and it's fun to realize that floating objects are a normal part of an astronaut's life on board the ISS.

Simple things that astronauts can not have

In any case, the small pizza session serves as a reminder that astronauts have to sacrifice many things while they are in space to perform important research. They do not enjoy, or can not, things like food, experiences and other things as often as Earth's. Also, because they are in space, they are usually treated with highly nutritious but not too appetizing vacuum packed foods, so having a pizza as close as possible to land pizza was very important.

Still, they do celebrate certain events, even when they are far from Earth, including Thanksgiving. Within the ISS, it is not that different, with basic foods such as turkey, mashed potatoes and candied sweet potatoes included in the Thanksgiving menu. In a way, this makes the ISS resemble a home away from home.

Thoughts about space pizza? How do you think he knows? Would you personally try the version of the ISS pizza? As always, feel free to ring in the comments section below!

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