The artificial intelligence tool “Deep Nostalgia” allows you to revive your dead relatives

Finally! A way to make old family photos even creepier

Cheer the dead

Have you ever taken a look at old family photos and thought, “They aren’t creepy enough!” or “I wish they were more like the characters in The polar Express,” maybe? Now they can! Get This: An online genealogy platform has developed AI that allows you to animate old family photos.

The genealogy website MyHeritage introduced a tool called Deep Nostalgia that takes advantage of artificial intelligence technology to animate old photographs of dead (or living) relatives.

For example, here are the astonishing results of what happened when we used the tool on a face you might recognize, US President No. 16 Abe Lincoln:

Deep nostalgia

The AI ​​that Deep Nostalgia leverages to achieve these animations is a bit like the ones used in Deep Fakes.

Once you upload the photo to MyHeritage, it is processed through Deep Nostalgia and animated based on a set of gestures and movements previously recorded by a model.

And yes, you can animate multiple faces in a photo at once.

Creepy or magical?

MyHeritage easily admits that the new tool can potentially polarize.

“Some people love the Deep Nostalgia feature and consider it magical,” states MyHeritage on the Deep Nostalgia website, “while others find it creepy and don’t like it. In fact, the results can be controversial and it is difficult to remain indifferent to this technology. “

So while this tool is easy to scoff at, it is undeniable that it is a compelling and compelling application of AI; Not to mention, it can allow many people to reconnect with their loved ones through technology, which is always great.

But you can also do weird things like this.

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