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The arrest of Nawaz Sharif divides the feelings of social networks

Many tweeps speak in favor of the Sharif, while others celebrate their arrest

Dubai: the return of the ousted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to Pakistan was a momentous occasion for Pakistani social media users living around the world . The moment he and his daughter, Maryam, left on their trip from London to Lahore, he began a series of live comments on various social media channels, with users sharing updates, photos and videos of the two, returning to the country face long prison sentences.

When they arrived in Abu Dhabi for transit, reports began to circulate that their flight to Lahore had been delayed. This led to multiple conspiracy theories, with many tweeps that contemplate the reason behind the delay.

Tweep @kashifviews wrote: "A delayed flight can give Nawaz a bit of face saving, if it had arrived at the scheduled time, it would have been embarrassing since almost nobody is near the airport." Those who are brought from other cities They also need time to get there. "

@CreedHS tweeted: "Nawaz Sharif's flight has suddenly been delayed, his followers are being arrested, the news channels have been told to stop reporting about the issue, they just have not closed the internet yet, I already feel like that state is planning everything to go dark in the night. "

Tweep @kishkindha added: "Is it suspended if Nawaz Sharif will return to #Pakistan today? Your flight to Lahore … has a delay of more than 2 hours." Ex PM plays the bet The biggest of his life, since he knows he will be arrested shortly after landing in Lahore, something cooking? "

However, despite all the theories, the Sharif flight arrived in Lahore around 8:00 pm: 45 local time and the uniformed men escorted them to another plane waiting to fly from Lahore to Islamabad.

But, his arrival in Pakistan soon divided social network users into two segments: those who supported his decision to return and those who celebrated his arrest. The first one has #SherAyaSherAya (the lion is here) to the Twitter trend in Pakistan.

Tweep @ nazakat38054437 wrote: "#SherAyaSherAya: I will vote for PML-N Insha Allah and PML-N will return on July 25!"

@ SRK2200 tweeted: " Nawaz Sharif making history again He came back and is incarcerated Somebody is afraid Somebody can not believe But, yes, he came back and was arrested along with his daughter #SherAyaSherAya "

Tweep @i_m_mushy wrote:" #NawazSharifReturn has provided @pmln_org with the much needed lease of fresh energy for the #Elections2018. #SherAyaSherAya "

@wadoodraja tweeted: "Undoubtedly, the way that Nawaz Sharif handled things since he came to power, proved to be a man of steel! #Respect #SherAyaSherAya "

Tweep @genius_yasir added:" At least someone has the guts to accept their mistakes. #NawazSharif "[19659003] While these tweeps defended Sharif's decision to return to Pakistan, there were others who were celebrating with #DekhoDekhoChorAya (see that the thief is here).

Tweep @ghyinvestment wrote: "There is nothing proud about a convicted criminal who comes to his country to face time in jail He has not done anyone any favors He is condemned because he looted the country. as a hero #NawazReturns #DekhoDekhoChorAya "

@ haideralis20 tweeted: "I am surprised that so-called intellectuals support the thieves and traitors of our country. #DekhoDekhoChorAya"

Tweep @ Kishwer733 added: "So, so proud of our judicial system The criminals have been arrested I have not seen better news in a while Pakistan Zindabad! #DekhoDekhoChorAya "


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