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An Arlington woman states that the US representative UU Joe Barton sent him a series of suggestive messages on social media when he was still married.

She decided to share those messages because of the North The bad photo of the Texas Republican runner.

Kelly Canon is involved in the Republican Party in Arlington. In fact, she says she was one of 20 women invited to a meeting with Barton on Monday, in which she asked for female feedback on what she should do. She says that's what really shattered her memories of messages from a few years ago and recognized a pattern that says it's inappropriate for a sitting congressman.

Canon reread the badual messages he received from Representative Joe Barton in 2012 and 2013.

"He says:" Do you want to tell me what you're wearing or if you're not wearing tonight, forget sweet dreams? "What are you doing with that, you know, what are you doing with that?" He said, "All you have to do is remove the brush, brush it or close it."

Canon, who is a political activist, says who has known Barton several times in political events. She is currently president of Tarrant County, ran for the Arlington City Council and campaigned against the new Rangers Ballpark and Red Chambers in Arlington.

For years, Canon and the 68-year-old congressman talked about politics on Facebook. But over time, his tone changed.

In a message, Canon says, "here's a goodbye hug." Barton says: "You're soft and curvy, I like that."

Another day, Barton says, "So that means you should wear a tank top and no underwear?" She says, "It's okay, you know my outfit! Good night." He presses, "answer me, evasive miss, and then you can ask me if you wish."

In another exchange, Barton tells Canon he is married, followed by "I'm not thinking good thoughts at this time." [19659004] "I'm waiting for two things: number one, which he decides to give up, and number two, there's a disease here, and there's a pattern here, and I can not be the only one, I can not be the only one." others advance, "he said.

Canon says he decided to run after someone tweeted a naked photo of the representative last week along with badually explicit text messages.

Barton apologized to his constituents, explaining that he had had bad agreed with other women while divorcing his second wife, then attacked after a story in the Washington Post with the woman who says she received the bad photo and shared a recording she has of her and Barton talking about.

Barton says the Capitol Hill police are n How to investigate if he is the victim of a crime According to Canon, Barton's apology was not an apology at all.

"I do not think it was totally according to that, "he said. "There are more things out there, and I want them to come in. They'll be in good company."

The Washington Post reported that he also obtained a recording of Barton talking to the woman who received that bad photo. The Post reports that in that recording, Barton can be heard telling her that if she published the images and texts she had of him, she would tell the investigators that they had a "covert relationship" and that she was in a position where she could "Use them in a way that would negatively affect my career."

When asked for an answer, Barton's spokesman declined to comment.

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