The antipoverty adviser of the United Kingdom resigns, says Brexit, preventing progress


LONDON – A commission created to help improve the chances of Britain's poor has resigned, saying: the government is too preoccupied with Brexit to build a more just society.

The resignations are a blow to Prime Minister Theresa May, who promised to confront social injustice.

Since May took office in mid-2016, much of the government's time and energy have been consumed by divorce negotiations with the European Union.

Now, former Labor minister Alan Milburn and his three commissioners have resigned from the Social Mobility Commission.

In a resignation letter published on Sunday, Milburn said the government "does not have the necessary bandwidth to ensure that the rhetoric of the healing social division corresponds to reality."

The government says that Milburn's term in office ended and that he should be replaced. [19659005] Copyright 2017 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material can not be published, transmitted, rewritten or redistributed.

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