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The anti-bullying movement is the person of the year for Time magazine 2017

The movement, launched in the wake of accusations against producer Harvey Weinstein and other Hollywood luminaries, defeated Donald Trump for the title.

Time Magazine has named anti-harassment, what the magazine called "those who break the silence" as Person of the Year, 2017.

The movement, launched as a result of accusations of sexual harassment and aggression against producer Harvey Weinstein and other prominent men in Hollywood, it is credited with fueling a moment of calculation about the treatment of women in the workplace.

The weather made the announcement on Wednesday.

The movement, which has been called #MeToo, due to the popular hashtag related to the cause, beat President Donald Trump by the most memorable title of Time . Trump, who was the person of the year in the year in 2016, had been named in the list of candidates for 2017 of the magazine. President Trump stated that Time informed him that "probably" he would be granted the annual title for the second year in a row, but, through Twitter, the president "approved" the title. , alleging that Time told him that he would have to do an interview and a photo shoot. Time denied this, saying, with his own tweet : "The president is not clear on how we chose Person of the Year." Time does not comment on our election until publication, which is December 6. . "

Community activist and community organizer Tarana Burke created the #MeToo hashtag in 2006. The movement received wide attention after actress Alyssa Milano tweeted the phrase on October 15. , 2017. The hashtag was shared millions of times on Twitter and Facebook and became an international phenomenon, with a tendency in at least 85 countries. It has generated local slang versions, including #BalanceTonPorc (#DenounceYourPig) in France, #quellavoltache (#TheTimeThat) in Italy and # YoTambién (#MeToo in Spanish) for Spain and Latin America.

#MeToo has spread far beyond Hollywood, but the entertainment industry has been the most affected by the anti-bullying movement, with dozens of men accused of abuse and powerful figures such as actor Kevin Spacey, the comedian Louis CK and news anchor Matt Lauer fired as a result of the accusations against him.

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