The anonymous Celtics player says Kyrie Irving is hard to play & # 39; | Boston Celts

After a season-ending loss to the Milwaukee Bucks in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference semifinals, attention now turns to Kyrie Irving's impending free agency.

While the offseason will take center stage, Irving's playoff play seems to be hoarding most starters after the ugly loss on Wednesday night at the Boston Celtics. Apparently, he is capturing the attention of his teammates, as well as the national media.

An anonymous Celtics player told Stadium's Jeff Goodman that "everyone respects Irving's talent, but it's hard to play with him, it's about him."

It was reported that another member of the Celtics organization told Goodman similar things about the All-Star point guard.

"He gets the air out of the locker room," the anonymous Celtics employee told Goodman. "And you never know what you're going to get with him."

Goodman's article also has insider information from Cleveland Cavaliers sources who were present during Irving's time in maroon and gold.

What seemed to be the perfect setting for Irving to be the man quickly became ugly. Only time will tell if he decides to leave Boston or try again, but until then, speculation will continue flying.

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