The Angels of Los Angeles SS Andrelton Simmons got angry after being beaten by Rougned Odor of Texas Rangers

After the game was over and the banks had cleared, the baserunner of the Texas Rangers, shortstop Rougned Odor and Los Angeles Angels Andrelton Simmons had different views on a second baseman who left one " unpleasant wound "on Simmons' left leg. [19659002] The double final of the game sealed the Angels' 6-0 shutout, but Simmons opposed Odor's attempt to break it. The banks were cleared, peace was restored quickly, but accounts of the work had just begun.

"He pushed me," Odor told reporters after the game. "I was surprised because I made a good slide, it was not a dirty slide, I tried to break the double play with a good slide, so I was surprised that he pushed me like that."

"I was angry, but I was like, & # 39; What are you talking about? I made a good slide. It was not dirty. [Ian] Kinsler was also talking to me and he was fine. This is part of the game. "

Simmons, a three-time Gold Glove winner, strongly disagreed.

" When I get out of the way, I'm usually pretty good, so I do not have a problem normally, "Simmons said when asked about the often with a double game.

The Rangers' manager, Jeff Banister, thought the slip was "appropriate," while Angels manager Mike Scioscia said he thought Odor "was overturning." … a little wide "and Simmons

. Simmons refused to give more details about what happened in the work.

"Nothing," Simmons said as he ate gelato. "I was trying to tell him." You forgot to greet your family for me. He says, "No, I did not forget, I told him." I was like, "No, they told me you did not tell them." He was not very happy about that, so that's fine.

"… I am going to eat my gelato and sleep well at night".

Scioscia and Simmons said that the leg would be fine and that the shortstop is not right. It's expected to lose at any time.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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