The American version of the OnePlus Nord 5G can be powered by Snapdragon 690 chipset

Yesterday we told you that OnePlus Nord is coming to America, This may be a different phone than you have seen on our site in the past few weeks. At XDA, the gang dropped the latest version of OxygenOS 10.5 for the OnePlus Nord and got some hints about an upcoming new OnePlus phone that may be a variant of the Nord for the US market. The device has a codename of Billy which may be a reference to US pop singer Billy Ilish. Producers have a habit of using actors as codenames. Other references discovered include one for “SM6350” which is the code for the Snapdragon 690 chipset. It is Qualcomm’s lowest-priced SoC that carries an integrated 5G modem chip (Snapdragon X51 5G).
The Snapdragon 690 is manufactured by Samsung using its 8nm process and includes a pair of Cortex A-77 CPU cores to handle heavy-duty tasks and six Cortex-A55 CPU cores for general housekeeping. The Adreno 619L GPU included is said to be 60% faster than the Adreno 612 GPU found in the Snapdragon 675. So far HMD Global, Sharp, WingTech, Motorola, TCL and LG have said that the Snapdragon 690 will power future handsets. But no word has come from any smartphone brand that intends to use the chipset of BBK Electronics (which includes OnePlus).

However, Snapdragon is cheaper for 690 Only OnePlus Nord models announced and available to purchase compared to OnePlus Snapdragon 765G. As a result, we should see that the American version of the Nord has reduced pricing. OnePlus may have felt compelled to produce a mid-range phone as pricing for its top-of-line model became higher. Originally, OnePlus called its handset a “flagship killer”, as they offered flagship-type specs at a low price. although OnePlus 8 Pro is priced at $ 999, which puts it close to the price of major phones from major manufacturers.

OnePlus is expected to launch its second half flagship OnePlus 8T later this year.

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