The American comedian goes viral with a hilarious reaction to the Irish sport of throwing


An American comedian discovered the joys of Ireland's favorite sporting pastime, and wants the world to know.

The funny man from the United States, Josh Pray, offered an apology to "all the Irish" for stereotyping people from the Emerald Isle.

"All I thought was that you came back a little, you drink a little, you have red hair redder and you talk with the dumbest accent," he explained in a video uploaded to Facebook.

In the clip, you can listen to Pray, who extols the virtues of the release after one of his followers has told him about the sport.

Eager to know more, he tuned in to a game and soon liked what he saw.

Wanting to share his discovery with the world, the American comic visited social networks to talk about the sport in a video that soon went viral with its million followers on social networks.

"Hurling has to be the hardest and most painful sport I've ever witnessed," he said.

"Everything related to the launch seems to hurt"

The video of 3: 11 minutes makes it fun to see him with Pray, even admitting that he prefers to sleep in a bed of nails to be chosen to play on the goals of a game.

This could be the beginning of something beautiful: here is the launch of a big explosion in the United States in 2019!

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