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The American Airlines passenger breaks the laptop on his partner's head in a viral clip

An undisciplined passenger was removed from an American Airlines plane at Miami International Airport on Sunday after he broke a laptop on his partner's head for allegedly looking at another woman.

The shocking incident was captured on video by another passenger on the flight to Los Angeles and was shared in Twitter and YouTube by Julia Scorupco, who was on the plane when the fight broke out. In total, both versions of the clip have accumulated almost 10 million views.

In the viral images, the woman, identified by the police as Tiffany McLemore, can be heard shouting expletives and racist blasphemies to her partner while accusing him of having eaten another woman on the flight with her eyes.

"Do you want to try to see other women, n *****?" McLemore screams. "Nah, fuck with you! You're not going to look at other women, and you're not going to tell me you're looking at other women."

When a flight attendant informs McLemore that there is a small child in the seat behind her, in an attempt to make her soften her language, the angry passenger responds: "Yes, I know, I will console myself with the f * ** ing boy ".

Scorupco wrote on YouTube that the comment was about another crying baby, McLemore apparently helped the console on the flight before the altercation.

The flight attendant then asks McLemore to bring her bag to the front of the plane, but she ignores it and continues to fight with her partner, who finally tells him she is "out of control", accuses her of assaulting him and gets up to leave. to Earth.

McLemore becomes even more enraged and, following his partner, shouts: "Oh, I'm assaulting you? Am I assaulting you?" before he supposedly hit a laptop on the head and hit it and pushed it several times. The violent act was received with horrified screams and gasps by the passengers in the surroundings.

When flight attendants try to prevent him from returning to his seat, McLemore assures them that he will only return to find his bag. Upon leaving the plane with his belongings, a male flight attendant warns him: "They will accuse him of assault."

"Well, whatever," he admits carelessly.

Miami-Dade Police Department officials told Yahoo Lifestyle that McLemore, who was on a connecting flight to Ecuador from Los Angeles, walked away after the conviction and that her search "gave negative results."

They also told the store that she didn't answer her phone and that her partner, whom she calls "Memo" in the viral clip, "refused to write a statement and didn't show cooperative."

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