The Amazon show & # 39; The Tick & # 39; come back with a solid second half

I'll admit it. When I heard that Amazon was restarting the sending of superheroes "The Tick", I was not exactly excited. I started to see the first six episodes mostly opposed to the idea, with folded arms, muttering things like "this is not my & # 39; Tick & # 39;"

You know what? I was wrong. Completely wrong. Accept my apologies for being such a stubborn fool.

Warning: We are not going to spoil the six newest episodes of the show, but there may be some spoilers for the first half of the season below.

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Look at this: [19659006] Could the Tick beat the Hulk in a fight?


Now that I've seen a full season of the creator of "Tick" Ben Edlund and the vision of executive producer Barry Josephson to restart the franchise, I am convinced that this could be the best version so far. We can still enjoy the antics of Tick and Arthur, with fun gags, word games and uncomfortable moments, but by making Arthur (Griffin Newman) the focus this time, there is an additional thread that offers better opportunities for the characters to evolve. and grow

If the original series of live action offered laughter without stopping in an asylum, this "Tick" laughs for a minute, but they are much more satisfying. Do not worry, hardcore fans: classics like "BUCKET!" they still work comfortably within the framework of the program. Peter Serafinowicz's version of the Tick is the same as we have known and loved for more than 30 years: a super, super happy, great blue something like with a head full of cotton balls.


Oh, yes. He is going to say the thing.

Jessica Miglio / Amazon


Arthur is an excellent conduit for the spectators, making his POV the centerpiece of the show turns "The Tick" into a new version of the franchise .

Jessica Miglio | Amazon

After six episodes, Arthur finally came to accept his role as a kind of hero in this world in which supervillains and villains are the norm. The second half of the season is about the return of the evil devil The Terror (perfectly represented by the psychopathic expert Jackie Earle Haley) and his plan to kill the beloved superhero Superian (Brendan Hines).

In those six seconds eps, the show sets some decent bets, pays almost all the stories that open, and still manages to leave a couple of juicy bites for the next round.

The Tick is still looking for answers about who (or what) he is, and Arthur continues to grapple with what it means to be a hero and if he accepts that answer. Edlund and Josephson are clearly dedicated to building the world beyond their two main characters, and the program benefits absolutely from a three-dimensional secondary cast. Even characters such as the vigilant Overkill (Scott Speiser) and Arturo's sister, Dot (Valorie Curry), experience good growth throughout the season.

In a world where superheroes rule, watching "The Tick" is a refreshing tostón of all the ridiculous tropes and clichés we're so used to seeing in almost every other genre that exists. Now that Amazon Video is available on Apple TV (and most other platforms and streaming devices), there's no excuse for it to be lost. Each episode lasts only 25 minutes, so catching the 12 should not take more than six hours, but you'll definitely know if you're on board for "The Tick" or not after the first half-dozen.

Amazon already gave the green light to a second season, which should cede at some point in early 2019. All season 1 is now available to broadcast on Amazon Prime Video.

The restart of "The Tick" is also starring Yara Martinez as the blatant villain Mrs. Lint, Townsend Coleman as Superdog Midnight, Devin Ratray as Tinfoil Kevin and Alan Tudyk give the voice of an abandoned sea ship called Dangerboat.

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