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The amazing reason why Kim Kardashian feels "threatened" by Meghan Markle

It is difficult for any baby's news to compete with the arrival of a real baby, even if you are Kim Kardashian. The reality star welcomed her fourth child with Kanye West around the same time that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's first child was born.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian at the celebration camp of the Met Gala 2019: Notes on fashion
Kanye West and Kim Kardashian | Taylor Hill / FilmMagic

Baby Archie was born on May 6.

Royal fans around the world were seeing the baby in the months before Baby Sussex arrived, and Markle finally gave birth to a child on May 6. The couple officially announced the baby's arrival on their Instagram account and later, Prince Harry. He enthusiastically shared some of the details of his first son, proudly smiling again as he spoke with the media.

Two days later, the couple posed with their newborn and finally
announced the name of his son in an Instagram post: "The Duke and the Duchess of
Sussex is pleased to announce that they have named their first child: Archie
Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor ".

Baby Psalm was born on May 9.

There was also a lot of excitement surrounding the birth of Kardashian and the fourth son of West, as his fans wondered when he would be born. Kardashian's sister, Kourtney, first shared some exciting news during an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show along with mother Kris Jenner. Kourtney noted: "My mother does not even know it, but Kim's surrogate went into labor, so she is in the hospital."

Jenner replied: "What are we doing sitting here?"

When the baby arrived, Kardashian simply tweeted"He's here and he's perfect!" He added: "He's also the Chicago lol, I'm sure he'll change a lot, but now he looks like her."

It took some time before Kardashian and West revealed the baby's name, although he shared some small details about his new addition in a post about his baby shower: "We celebrated our baby a week ago and now he is here! He is so perfect! Here are some pictures of my baby shower CBD. Going crazy for nothing because he is the calmest and coolest of all my babies so far and everyone loves him very much. "

On May 17, Kardashian finally revealed the name of Psalm West, sharing a screenshot of a text from West, where he wrote: "Mother's Day Beautiful with the arrival of our fourth child. We are blessed beyond measure. "

Did the birth of Archie overshadow the news of the arrival of Psalm?

Since the Kardashians and Jenners love the spotlight, it was a pretty easy conclusion to make Kardashian not happy with the fact that Archie received more attention than his baby. According to Closer, Kardashian felt "threatened" by Markle and "eclipsed" a bit by the news of the real baby.

A source told Closer that since the news of Kardashian's baby did not receive as much attention as Archie's arrival, she is "nervous, Meghan will steal her crown as the celebrity queen."

A source also noted that Kourtney shared the news that the surrogate was in labor was a calculated measure, and explained: "Kim knew he would be on all news networks in a matter of minutes and would attract the attention of everyone, stealing headlines from Royal's newborn. "

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