The alternate uniforms of Michigan state lime do not reach brand

The state of Michigan unveiled a new alternative uniform for the 2019 season before its spring game on Saturday and it is safe to say that it lost its mark.

The new look, defined by its lime green accents, is quite daring. With a text mark "STATE" of neon sublimated on the chest with a matching primary logo on the green kelly helmets familiar from the state of Michigan, the uniforms resemble the choice of the green atomic Seattle Seahawks.

It seems that the powers within the Spartans soccer program appreciate the idea that Nike has borrowed from its Michigan State basketball team and pushed the envelope on the grid this fall.

The additions to uniforms are appreciated by recruits and players, so the opinion of people on social networks will not mean much within the program. Here's a closer look at the Michigan State 2019 domestic alternative iteration created by Nike:

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